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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 83
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping, G. Montero and R. Montenegro

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1 Life Prediction of Aging Engineering Structures
I. Mura
2 Damage Simulation and Health Assessment of a Road Bridge
Y.S. Petryna, A. Ahrens and F. Stangenberg
3 Damage Tolerant Design
C. Könke
4 A Finite Element Analysis of Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams Retrofitted with Fibrous Concrete
W.B. Almajed and R.Y. Xiao
5 Stochastic Simulation of Damage Evolution Processes in a Reinforced Concrete Short-pier Shear Wall Specimen
J. Li and Y. Cao
6 Inelastic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with CFRP
W.A. Thanoon, J. Noorzaei and M.S. Jaafar
7 Nonlinear Damage Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Short-Pier Shear Wall Specimen
J. Li and Y. Cao
8 Simulations of Fire Temporal Thermal Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Bridge Decks
W.I. Alnahhal, M. Chiewanichakorn, S. Alampalli and A. Aref
9 Seismic Resistance of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings
C. Butenweg and M. Mistler
10 Multi-Objective Optimisation (Weight and Cost Oriented) of Impact Damage Resistant Stiffened Composite Panels
M. Corvino, L. Iuspa, A. Riccio and F. Scaramuzzino
11 Analysis of Debonding Failure Modes in FRP-Strengthened Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Genetic Algorithms
R. Perera and F.B. Varona
12 Ultimate Compressive Strength of Plate Elements with Randomly Distributed Corrosion Wastage
M.R. Khedmati and A.R. Karimi
13 Analysis of Plates Stiffened by Beams of Arbitrary Cross Section
E.J. Sapountzakis and V.G. Mokos
14 Computing Hoop Strains in Out-of-Round Pipes under Internal Pressure
Z.W. Guan
15 A Three-Dimensional Hybrid Finite Element for Singular Stress Analysis in Composite Structures
D. Crépin, G. de Saxcé and M. Pyrz
16 Finite Element Analysis of the Fiber Offsetting Effects on the Creep Behaviour of MMC Composites
M. Mondali, A. Abedian and M. Pahlavanpour
17 The Use of CFRP Bars as Reinforcing Material Part I: Experimental Study
M.M. Rafi, A. Nadjai, F. Ali and D. Talamona
18 The Use of CFRP Bars as Reinforcing Material Part II: Analytical Modelling
M.M. Rafi, A. Nadjai and F. Ali
19 Modelling Hooked Steel Fibre Pull-Out in Fibre-Reinforced High-Strength Concrete
E. Mistakidis, K. Georgiadi-Stefanidi and D. Pantousa
20 Numerical Analysis of Innovative Steel Connections for a Composite Wood-Steel-Concrete Floor
A. Marzo, A. Formisano, B. Faggiano and F.M. Mazzolani
21 Numerical Analysis of Steel Sheeting with Indentations or Embossments, Used for Composite Slabs
E. Mistakidis and K. Dimitriadis
22 A Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of Circular Concrete Filled Columns
C. Lacuesta, M.L. Romero, S. Ivorra and J.M. Portoles
23 Ultimate Load Capacity Analysis of a Long-Span Rigid-Frame with a Flexible Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge
G.J. He, K.K. Peng, S.D. Luo and A.G. Yan
24 Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis on the Stability of a Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge
H. Yang, S.M. Zhang, Y. Geng and C.Y. Liu
25 Approximate Load Path Prediction in Postbuckled Composite Structures
O. Seresta, M.M. Abdalla and Z. Gürdal
26 Analysis of Dissipated Energy in Compression Failure by Microbuckling in CFRP: Application to Modelling Crash Absorbers
J.M. Guimard, O. Allix, N. Pechnik and P. Thevenet
27 Stacking Sequence Optimization for Laminated Cylindrical Panels Using the Globalized Nelder-Mead Method
M.M. Aghdam, M. Shakeri, A. Alibeiglu and E. Ameri
28 Free Vibration of a Composite Timoshenko Beam Using the Dynamic Stiffness Method
J.R. Banerjee
29 Dynamic Analysis of Three-Dimensional Composite Beam Elements Including Warping and Shear Deformation Effects
E.J. Sapountzakis and V.G. Mokos
30 Dynamical Modelling of Steel Deck Composite Slabs with Geometric Orthotrophy
A.V. de Mello, J.G.S. da Silva, S.A.L. de Andrade, P.C.G. Vellasco, L.R.O. de Lima and L.F. Costa Neves
31 The Domino Effect and Integrated Probabilistic Approaches for Risk Analysis
Q.B. Nguyen, A. Mébarki, F. Mercier, R. Ami Saada and M. Reimeringer
32 Probabilistic Study of Dynamic Contact Inside a Piezoelectric Engine
A. Mohsine, B. Radib and A. El-Hami
33 Efficient Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Structural-Acoustic Problems
A. Mohsine and A. El-Hami
34 Parameter Uncertainty Effects on the Stability of Cantilever Earth Retaining Structures
B. Zeghlache, A. Mébarki, B. Tiliouine and S. Belkacemi
35 Masonry Structures: Vulnerability and Risk Assessment for Floods
N. Valencia, A. Mebarki and J.L. Salagnac
36 Numerical Modelling of the Effects of a Reliability Indicator for Damaged Elasto-Dissipative Composites
S. Carbillet and M.L. Boubakar
37 Robust Prediction Tools for Variability and Optimization in Structural Mechanics
M. Guedri, S. Ghanmi, R. Majed and N. Bouhaddi
38 A Complete Probabilistic Framework in Fatigue Design: Application to Exhaust Manifolds
F. Perrin, M. Pendola, T. Moro, G. Morin and J.-M. Cardona
39 Sensitivity Analysis for Optimisation Problems with Random Fatigue Life Constraints
S. Lambert, L. Khalij, E. Pagnacco and A. El-Hami
40 Reliability Design of Power Modules Using Probabilistic Approaches
A. Micol, M. Karama, O. Dalverny, C. Martin and M. Mermet-Guyennet
41 Integration of a Multi-Physics Model in a Reliability-Based Design Framework: Application to Power Converters
Z. Guédé, O. Pantalé and S. Caperaa
42 Probabilistic Assessment of Fatigue Life Using a Stress-Based Fatigue Criterion
C. Schwob, L. Chambon, F. Ronde-Oustau and J.P. Bernadou
43 Probabilistic Serviceability Assessment of Structures
J. Valihrach and P. Marek
44 Application of Robust Design Concepts to Multilayer Structures
F. Rabier, C. Martin, N. Martin, M. Karama, M. Mermet-Guyennet and M. Piton
45 Bayesian Experimental Design for Parametric Identification of Dynamical Structures
E. Pillet, N. Bouhaddi and S. Cogan
46 Reliability of Fibre-Reinforced Composite Cables
H. Dehmous, H. Welemane, M. Karama and K. Aît Tahar
47 The Random Eigenvalue Problem for Stochastic Systems
S. Kadry and A. Chateauneuf
48 Reliability and Optimization of a Fully Composite Stiffened Cylinder
M. Olivier-Mailhé, S. Ben Chaabane, F. Léné, G. Duvaut and S. Grihon
49 Validation of Stochastic Structural Dynamics Models
B. Faverjon, P. Ladevèze and F. Louf
50 Non-Planar Pierced Shear Walls with Plastic Beam-Wall Connections
R. Resatoglu, E. Emsen and O. Aksogan
51 Static Analysis of Laterally Arbitrarily Loaded Non-Planar Non-Symmetrical Coupled Shear Walls
O. Aksogan, R. Resatoglu and E. Emsen
52 Propagation in Soil of Vibrations due to a Tramway
M. Maldonado and D. Le Houédec
53 High-Speed Train Induced Vibrations: A Comprehensive BE Model
P. Galvín and J. Domínguez
54 Numerical Investigation of the Performance of Multi-Track High-Speed Railway Bridges under Resonant Conditions Retrofitted with Fluid Viscous Dampers
M.D. Martínez-Rodrigo and P. Museros
55 Adaptive Uncertainty Quantification
H.G. Matthies and A. Keese
56 Finite Element Model Updating and Validation in Structural Dynamics: From Deterministic Optimisation Procedures to a Stochastic Approach
A. Calvi
57 Robust Optimization for Earthquake-Resistant Design
J.E. Hurtado and N. Aguirre
58 Fuzzy Arithmetical Robustness Analysis of Mechanical Structures with Uncertainties
M. Hanss, U. Gauger and S. Turrin
59 Lattice Modelling of Cellular Structures
M. Borovinsek and Z. Ren
60 Modification of the Chen Plasticity Model for Hardening Concrete
M. Frantová
61 Compressible Strain Induced Anisotropic Rubberlike Materials
M.H.B.M. Shariff
62 Different Ways of Identifying Microplane Model Parameters Using Soft Computing Methods
A. Kucerová, M. Lep¬š and J. Zeman
63 Numerical Analysis of Foundation Slabs
T. Krejcí, T. Koudelka, J. ¬Šejnoha and P. Kuklík
64 Non-Linear Analysis of Time-Dependent Response of Civil Engineering Structures
J. Lopatic and F. Saje
65 Deformation and Permeability of Fractured Rocks
J.F. Thovert, I. Bogdanov, V. Mourzenko and P.M. Adler
66 Analysis of Hardening Effects of Open-Celled Model Foams by Numerical Homogenization
S. Demiray, W. Becker and J. Hohe
67 Strain Hardening Modelling of Rock Salt Behaviour
M. Hamami and N. Chelghoum
68 Bipotential Versus Return Mapping Algorithms: Implementation of Non-Associated Flow Rules
V. Magnier, E. Charkaluk, C. Bouby and G. de Saxcé
69 Mechanical Nose Responses Predicted by Associated and Non-Associated Elasto-Plastic Models
S. Tsutsumi, M. Toyosada and K. Hashiguchi
70 Micromechanical Multiscale Simulation of Elastic Properties of Hydrating Concrete
V. ¬Šmilauer and Z. Bittnar
71 Plasticity-Based Computational Model for Masonry
J. Brozovský, A. Materna and L. Lausová
72 A Method for the Dynamic Analysis of Suspended Cables Carrying Moving Masses
G. Muscolino and A. Sofi
73 Identification of Damping Using Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
M. Khalil, S. Adhikari and A. Sarkar
74 Forced Non-Linear Vibration of Damped Sandwich Beams by the Harmonic Balance - Finite Element Method
N. Jacques, E.M. Daya and M. Potier-Ferry
75 On the Dynamics of a Duffing Oscillator with an Exponential Non-Viscous Damping Model
D.J. Wagg and S. Adhikari
76 Multi-objective Optimization of Viscoelastically Damped Systems Combining Robust Condensation and Metamodels
A.M.G. de Lima, B. Ait Brik, N. Bouhaddi and D.A. Rade
77 Eigenmotions of a One Degree of Freedom Viscoelastically Damped System
P. Muller
78 Stress Distribution and Failure Mode of Masonry Walls
L. Abdou, R. Ami Saada, F. Meftah and A. Mébarki
79 Dynamic Analysis of Age-Old Masonry Constructions
S. Degl'Innocenti, C. Padovani, A. Pagni and G. Pasquinelli
80 A Simplified Model of Shear-Capacity in Confined Masonry Walls
S. Sanchez and A. Mébarki
81 Model Updating of a Real Multi-Span Masonry Bridge
T. Aoki, D. Sabia and D. Rivella
82 An Induced Tension Model for Masonry Structures
A. Mébarki, Q.H. Bui, R. Ami Saada, P. Delmotte and L. Abdou
83 Thermal Stress Evaluation and Safety Aspects Associated with Massive Concrete Constructions Joined to Existing Structures: The Case of a Masonry Gravity Dam
S. Manenti and U. Ravaglioli
84 Structural Characterization of an Industrial Masonry Chimney
F.J. Pallarés, S. Ivorra and A. Agüero
85 Seismic Evaluation of Old Masonry Buildings: Performance and Strengthening
H. Varum, R. Vicente, H. Rodrigues and J.A.R. Mendes da Silva
86 The Application of a Digital Image Correlation Method for Crack Observation
M.H. Shih, S.H. Tung, J.C. Kuo and W.P. Sung
87 Prediction of the Effective Fracture Energy in Quarry Masonry
M. ¬Šejnoha, J. ¬Šejnoha, E. Novotná, J. Vorel and J. Sýkora
88 An Improved Material Model for Quarry Masonry
J. ¬Šejnoha, M. ¬Šejnoha, J. Sýkora and J. Vorel
89 The Use of the Medial-Axis Construction in the Design of Cable-Membrane Structures
P. Iványi
90 Finite Element Simulation of Yarn Breakage During Knife Penetration of Woven Fabrics
L.J. Wang, S. Zhang, W.M. Gao and X.G. Wang
91 Thermoforming Process Analysis of Woven Fabric Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites
M.T. Abadi
92 Pre-Stressed Roof Networks with Different Contour Structures
J. Idnurm and V. Kulbach
93 A Nonlinear Model of a Curved Beam for the Analysis of Galloping of Suspended Cables
A. Luongo, D. Zulli and G. Piccardo
94 Time-Dependent Non-Linear Closed-Form Solution of Cable Trusses
S. Kmet and Z. Kokorudova
95 Deployment of Membranous Tubes by Air Inflation at Low Pressure
S. Buytet, R. Bouzidi and Ch. Dupuy
96 An Algorithm Based on the Finite Element Method and the Catenary Equation to Compute the Initial Equilibrium of Railway Overhead
A. Carnicero, O. Lopez-Garcia, V. Torres and J.R. Jiménez-Octavio
97 On the Dynamic Response of Multi Cable-Beam Systems for Façade Tension Structures
R. Gori and A. Mastropasqua
98 Semi-active Vibration Isolator Based on Elastomer Material Controlled by an SMA actuator
J. Heinonen, T. Kärnä, I. Vessonen, P. Klinge and T. Lindroos
99 Modelling Frequency Adjustment Effects Using Shape Memory Alloy Oscillators
L.X. Wang and R.V.N. Melnik
100 The First Use of the Shear Actuation Mechanism for Valve-Less Piezoelectric Micro-Pump Design
A. Benjeddou, C. Poizat and M. Gall
101 Damage Quantification in Smart Beams Using Modal Curvatures: Direct and Inverse Approaches
A. Benjeddou, S. Vijayakumar and I.H. Tawfiq
102 The Effects of Thermal Residual Stresses on the Fatigue Life of Aluminum Panels Repaired with Various Bonded Composite Materials
H. Hosseini-Toudeshky, B. Mohammadi and M. Musivand-Arzanfudi
103 A State Space Method for Free-Vibration Analysis of a Radially Polarized Laminated Piezoelectric Cylinder Filled with Fluid
J.F. Deü and W. Larbi
104 A Finite Element Formulation for Modal Analysis of Piezoelectric Composite Conical Shells Filled with a Compressible Fluid
W. Larbi and J.F. Deü
105 A Three Dimensional Semi-Analytical Finite Element Model for the Analysis of Piezoelectric Shells of Revolution
H. Santos, C.M. Mota Soares, C.A. Mota Soares and J.N. Reddy
106 A Mixed Finite Element Model based on Least-Squares Formulation for the Static Analysis of Laminated Composite Plates
F. Moleiro, C.M. Mota Soares, C.A. Mota Soares and J.N. Reddy
107 Finite Element Modelling of Effective Moduli of Porous and Polycrystalline Composite Piezoceramics
S.V. Bobrov, A.V. Nasedkin and A.N. Rybjanets
108 Plastic Design of Frames Using Heuristic Algorithms
A. Kaveh and M. Jahanshahi
109 The Influence of Rotational Restraint on the Behaviour of Cold-Formed Steel Continuous Purlins Attached to Roof Sheeting
K.B. Katnam, M. De Strycker, R. Van Impe and G. Lagae
110 Geometric Imperfections and Their Influence on the Ultimate Load of Thin-Walled, Cold-Formed Steel Purlins
M. De Strycker, K.B. Katnam, W. Vanlaere, G. Lagae and R. Van Impe
111 Realization of a Platform for Multidisciplinary Optimization Applied to Steel Constructions
A. Benanane, S. Caperaa, D. Kerdal and L. Geneste
112 A Finite Element Model for Beam-To-Column Bolted End Plate Connections
A. Moreno, A. Foces and J.A. Garrido
113 Numerical Simulation of the Stressed Skin Diaphragms
Y. Liu and Q.L. Zhang
114 Rehabilitation of Composite Steel Bridges Using Pultruded GFRP Plates
M.M. Abushagur, E.M. Galuta and A.F. Saud
115 An Improved Saddle-Like Connection for Steel Structures
M.A. Barkhordari and M. Foroughi
116 Numerical and Experimental Analysis of a New Type of Orthotropic Plates
M. Iványi Jr., R. Bancila and M. Iványi
117 Numerical Modelling of PTED Connections for Steel Moment Resisting Frames
M. Esposto, B. Faggiano and F.M. Mazzolani
118 Simplified Finite Element Modelling of Beam-Column Bolted Connections with Shell Elements
S. Taufik and R.Y. Xiao
119 Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modelling of Flush End Plate Connections with High Strength Steel
S. Taufik and R.Y. Xiao
120 Minimum Cost Design with Advanced Analysis for Elastic Planar Steel Frames
G. Sánchez and P. Martí
121 Dynamic Collapse of Steel Rack Structures
A.L.Y. Ng, R. Beale and M. Godley
122 Torsional Analysis of Wide Flange Beams Including Shear Deformation Effects
M. Mohareb, F. Nowzartash and R.E. Erkmen
123 Probabilistic Evaluation of the Test Results of Steel I-beams with Web Openings
G. Bayramoglu and A. Ozgen
124 Effect of Bond Deterioration on Behaviour of Concrete Beams
Y.G. Du and J. Cairns
125 Smeared Crack Models for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Piers under Cyclic Loading
V.B. Nguyen and A.H.C. Chan
126 Numerical Analyses of the Biaxial Shear Capacity of Transverse Reinforced Concrete Members
V. Birtel and P. Mark
127 Comparison between Modelling of Ribbed Decking Composite Slabs With and Without Slip in Finite Element Analysis
S. Baharom and R.Y. Xiao
128 Post Cracking Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Structures
J. Razzaghi and I.M. May
129 Limit Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Rectangular Plates with Free Edges
I. Mura
130 Application of the Circumferential Notch Method to Fibre Reinforced Concrete
P.P. Procházka and A.E. Yiakoumi
131 Three-Dimensional Non-Linear Modelling Aspects of a Full-Scale Reinforced Concrete Banded-Joist Floor
A.B. Shuraim
132 Shear Bearing Capacities of RC Beams with Circular Sections: Computational Modelling and Design
M. Bender and P. Mark
133 Modelling of Interaction between Reinforcement and Matrix Using the FETI Method
J. Kruis and P. ¬Štemberk
134 Finite Element Modelling of the Bond Between Concrete and FRP Rebars
H.M.H. Ibrahim
135 Redesigning Monorail Steel Trusses to Satisfy Aluminium Design Requirements
R.I. Jackson and J.W. Bull
136 Increasing Fatigue Life and Reducing Deflections in Aluminium Bridge Structures
D. Hill, M. Colledge and J.W. Bull
137 Numerical Analysis of Welded Aluminium T-Stub Joints under Monotonic Loading
M. Brescia, G. De Matteis, A. Formisano and F.M. Mazzolani
138 A Pultruded GFRP Bridge Deck-to-Girder Connection System
K.T. Park, Y.K. Hwang, Y.H. Lee and J. Jeong
139 Statistical Computation for Extreme Bridge Traffic Load Effects
C.C. Caprani and E.J. OBrien
140 The Behaviour of Bridges with Jointless Decks Subjected to Time-Dependent Effects
A. El-Safty
141 Static Behaviour of a Five-Span Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge
Y.Y. Wang, S.M. Zhang, X.L. Wang and T. Zhang
142 Moving Force Identification for Two-Span Continuous Bridges Using an Eigenvalue Reduction Technique
C.W. Rowley, E.J. OBrien and A. González
143 Evaluation of the Damping Matrix and Its Effect on the Dynamic Response of Suspension Bridges
S. Esteki and S. Pourzeynali
144 Numerical Modelling of Charring in Timber Beams Exposed to Fire
S. Schnabl and G. Turk
145 Nonlinear Finite Element Modelling of Flexible Risers Using a Pipe Elbow Element
S.A. Hosseini Kordkheili and H. Bahai
146 Risk Modelling of Fires and Explosions on Offshore Platforms
J.L. Lewthwaite and J.D. Andrews
147 The Development of a Novel Non-Linear Spectral Model for Analysing Offshore Structures, Part I: Development of Drag Force Terms and System Receptances
M. Hartnett
148 The Development of a Novel Non-Linear Spectral Model for Analysing Offshore Structures, Part II: Development of Response Spectra and Model Application
M. Hartnett
149 Surface Vibration of Porous Media: Wave Number and Spatial Results
G. Lefeuve-Mesgouez, A. Mesgouez, H. Bolvin and A. Chambarel
150 Calculation and Design of Integrated High Performance Composite Pin-Joints
M. Ruzicka, T. Mare¬š, K. Blahou¬š, V. Kulí¬šek and M. Sirový
151 Finite Element Simulation of Semi-Sontinuous Connections and Appraisal of Results
R.Y. Xiao and J.D. Parameshwar
152 A Study of the Modified Advanced First Order Second Moment Method for Beam-to-Column Connections
S.M. Shin, D.K. Lee and S.S. Park
153 Improvement of the Performance of the Wave Based Method for the Steady-State Dynamic Prediction of Structural Bending Problems
C. Vanmaele, W. Desmet and D. Vandepitte
154 Dual Analysis for Finite Element Solutions of Plate Bending
J.F. Debongnie, N.X. Hung and N.H. Cung
155 Deflection and Strength of Porous Flat Heads of Cylindrical Vessels
M. Malinowski and E. Magnucka-Blandzi
156 Estimation of Critical Speed of an Orthotropic Rectangular Plate in Supersonic Flow
I. Takahashi
157 Finite Strip Analysis of Functionally Graded Plates Under Pressure Loads
S.A.M. GhannadPour, H.R. Ovesy and M. Kharazi
158 Comparison of Bicubic Rectangular and Full Cubic Triangular Mindlin Plate Finite Elements
H. Werner, K. Fresl, D. Lazarevic
159 Bending Analysis of Curve-Sided Quadrilateral Thin Plates Using the Extended Kantorovich Method
M.M. Aghdam and M.H. Babaei
160 Application of the Finite Volume Method for Shell Analysis: A Membrane Study
F. Hatami, N. Fallah and S. Pourzeynali
161 Different Enhanced Assumed Strain Formulations for Large Rotation Analysis of Shells
B. Brank
162 Geometrical Non-linear Analysis of Shells: A New Positional Finite Element Method
H.B. Coda and R.P. Paccola
163 Parametric Instability Analysis of Stringer Stiffened Circular Cylindrical Shells under Axial Compression and External Hydrostatic Pressure
M.R. Khedmati, M.J. Mazaheri and A.R. Karimi
164 Discrete Green's Functions for Time-Harmonic Wave Problems on Unbounded Domains with Periodic Variation of Material Properties
B. Boroomand and F. Mossaiby
165 A General Form of Dirichlet Boundary Conditions Used in Finite Element Analysis
L. Jendele and V. Cervenka
166 Numerical Modelling of Mechanical Tests Using the Discrete Element Method
M. Guessasma, J. Fortin and E. Bellenger
167 Discrete-Continuum Coupling for Impacted Structures
E. Frangin, P. Marin and L. Daudeville
168 Plate Analysis under Harmonic Loads Using the Reissner Model with the Boundary Element Method
L. Palermo Jr.
169 An Iterative Radial Simplex Method for Elastostatic and Elastodynamic Boundary Elements
K. Davey and M.T. Alonso Rasgado
170 Flanking and Direct Sound Transmission Modelled Using a Boundary Element Method Approach
P. Santos
171 A New Boundary Element Method Formulation in Three-Dimensional Exterior Elastodynamics
C.G. Provatidis and N.K. Zafiropoulos
172 Different Approaches to the Corner Problem in the Boundary Element Method with Application to Tunnel Excavation
U. Eberwien, C. Duenser and G. Beer
173 A Boundary Element Method Based Meshless Method for Buckling Analysis of Elastic Plates
B. Chinnaboon, S. Chucheepsakul and J.T. Katsikadelis
174 A High Performance Algorithm to solve the Static Stiffness Problem of a Catenary
A. Alberto, E. Arias, D. Cebrian, T. Rojo, F. Cuartero and J. Benet
175 Reordering for the Iterative Solution of Hybrid Elastic Structures
A. Comerlati, G. Gambolati and C. Janna
176 A Conjugate Gradient Quasi-Newton Method for Structural Optimisation
K. Davey
177 An Equilibrium Model in the Element Free Galerkin Method
B.Q. Tinh and H. Nguyen-Dang
178 Extension of the Fixed Grid Finite Element Method to Three-Dimensional Analysis
F.S. Maan, O.M. Querin and D.C. Barton
179 Investigation of the Use of the Radial Basis Functions Method for Solving Elastostatic Problems
N.A. Libre, A. Emdadi, M. Rahimian and M. Shekarchi
180 Improvements in the Parametric Meshless Galerkin Method
H. Hosseini-Toudeshky and M. Musivand-Arzanfudi
181 Multiscale Finite Element Simulation for Heterogeneous Materials with Reference to the Effective Tangent Modulus Computation
A.J. Carneiro Molina, E.A. de Souza Neto and D. Peric
182 Toward the Stochastic Modelling of Disc Brake Dynamics
D. Clair, D. Daucher, M. Fogli and Y. Berthier
183 Simulation of the Load-Bearing Capacity of Structures Using Fuzzy Random Processes
B. Möller, W. Graf, A. Hoffmann and J.-U. Sickert
184 A One-Dimensional Transformation Method for Reliability Analysis
S. Kadry, A. Chateauneuf and K. El-Tawil
185 Evaluation of Wave Damage in Urbanized Lagoons
S. Manenti and G. Cecconi
186 A Suitable Representation of the Stiffness for the Analysis of Linear Uncertain Structures
G. Falsone and N. Impollonia
187 Probabilistic Reliability Assessment of Structural Systems in the Computer Era
V. Krivý, L. Václavek, P. Marek and J. Valihrach
188 Strict Bounds for Computed Stress Intensity Factors
J. Panetier, P. Ladevèze and F. Louf
189 Analytical Evaluation for Local and Overall Buckling Behaviour of H-Section Truss Members
T. Ohtsuka and S. Motoyui
190 Estimation of the Dynamic Buckling Strength of a Spacer Grid Assembly for PWRs Using a Finite Element Model
K.N. Song and S.H. Lee
191 Generalised Beam Theory Formulation to Analyse the Post-Buckling Behaviour of FRP Composite Thin-Walled Members
N.F. Silva, N. Silvestre and D. Camotim
192 Extension of the Finite Volume Method for Instability Analysis of Columns with Shear Effects
N. Fallah and F. Hatami
193 Shakedown Boundary of Limited Ductility Structures Accounting for Buckling
L. Palizzolo, A. Caffarelli and M. Zito
194 Nonlinear Buckling and Postbuckling Analyses of Elastically Supported Arches
Y.L. Pi, M.A. Bradford and F. Tin-Loi
195 Beam Element for Creep Analysis for a Large Displacement Regime
D. Lanc, G. Turkalj and J. Brnic
196 Non-Orthogonal Solutions for Thin-Walled Members: Generalized Expressions for Stresses
R.E. Erkmen and M. Mohareb
197 Transient Elastodynamic Analysis of Plane Structures Using Coons-Patch Macroelements and Modal Superposition
C.G. Provatidis
198 A Method for the Dynamic Re-Analysis of Nonlinear Systems
P. Cacciola, F. Giacobbe and G. Muscolino
199 A New Hybrid Meta-Heuristic Method for Optimal Design of Space Trusses with Elastic-Plastic Collapse Constraints
A. Csébfalvi and G. Csébfalvi
200 Robust Design of Frames under Uncertain Loads by Multiobjective Genetic Algorithms
D. Greiner, J.M. Emperador, B. Galván and G. Winter
201 The Use of Morphological Indicators and Genetic Algorithms in Structural Optimisation Considering Stiffness Constraints
T. Vandenbergh, B. Verbeeck, W.P. De Wilde and P. Latteur
202 Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of a Shape Memory Alloy Gripper
M. Langelaar and F. van Keulen
203 Optimal Design of the Active Twist for Helicopter Rotor Blades
E. Barkanov, S. Gluhih and A. Kovalov
204 Bias-Specified Robust Design Optimization: An Alternative Approach
G. Steenackers and P. Guillaume
205 Morphological Indicators and Scale
B. Verbeeck, P. De Wilde, T. Vandenbergh and W. Ponsaert
206 The Effect of Non-linearity on the Design Optimization of Truss Structures
T. Talaslioglu
207 Optimisation of Anisotropic Cylinders Accounting for Manufacturing Tolerances
P.Y. Tabakov and M. Walker
208 Heuristic Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Road Bridge Frames
C. Perea, V. Yepes, J. Alcala, A. Hospitaler and F. Gonzalez
209 New Exact Analytical Solutions as Benchmarks for Numerical Topology Optimization
G.I.N. Rozvany, T. Lewinski, J. Lógó and V. Pomezanski
210 Topology Optimization Using Probabilistic Compliance Constraints
J. Lógó, S. Kaliszky and M. Ghaemi
211 Numerical Methods to Avoid Topological Singularities
V. Pomezanski
212 A New Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Topology Optimisation in Structural Mechanics Using a Level-Set Method
H. Andrä, S. Amstutz, I. Matei and E. Teichmann
213 Mixed Finite-Element Approaches for Topology Optimization
C. Cinquini, M. Bruggi and P. Venini
214 Optimality Criterion Methods and Sequential Approximate Optimization in the Classical Topology Layout Problem
A.A. Groenwold and L.F.P. Etman
215 Topology Optimization in the Case of Uncertain Loading Conditions
J. Lógó, M. Ghaemi and A. Vásárhelyi
216 Shape Optimization of Thin-walled Structures Based on a New Shell Element and Uniform Strain Energy Density Criterion
P. Khosravi, R. Sedaghati and R. Ganesan
217 Representative Optimal Solutions for Shape Optimisation
S.I. Valdez, S. Botello and A. Hernández
218 Model Reduction Applied to Real Time Simulation of Mechanical Behaviour for Flexible Parts
F. Druesne, J.L. Dulong and P. Villon
219 Real-Time Simulation Analysis of a Floating Dock Based on a Finite Element Model
Y.D. Liu, Ch.M. Sun and G. Bian
220 Building on IFC: E-Interaction for Computer Aided Structural Design
M. Hassanien Serror, J. Inoue, Y. Adachi and Y. Fujino
221 A Structural Engineering Perspective on Progressive Collapse: Examination of Analysis and Modelling Methods
O.A. Mohamed
222 Analysis and Optimization of a Safety Line under Dynamic Loads
C. Gomez, L. Sgambi and F. Bontempi
223 Influence of Shear Deformation on the Optimal Design of a Column under Compression
A. Samartin, J.C. Mosquera and C. Castro
224 Reinforcement Design in Concrete Plates and Shells Using Optimization Techniques
A. Tomás and P. Martí
225 Optimal Design of an Auto-Leg System for Washing Machines
H.S. Seo, M.H. Hong, T.H. Lee, J.W. Chang and S.M. Jeon
226 A Finite Element Model of Orthogonal Cutting
W. Mieszczak and J. Kosmol
227 A Study on the Strain Rate Effect of Vehicle Guard Fences Using Numerical Collision Analysis
T. Hirai, Y. Itoh and B. Liu
228 Finite Element Analysis of Header Dies for Taper Upsetting
M. Ceran, M.I. Gökler, H. Darendeliler
229 Simulation of Orthotropic Frictional Contact with Non-Associated Sliding Rule
G. de Saxcé, Z.Q. Feng, M. Hjiaj and Z. Mróz
230 Evolutionary Optimization of Strategies for the Demolition of Buildings with Explosive Charges Using Multibody Dynamics
M. Baitsch, M. Breidt, M. Ilikkan and D. Hartmann
231 Some Remarks on Displacement Based Dynamic Measurements
I. Kozar
232 Frequency-Domain Identification of Riser Dynamics Using Complex Singular Value Decomposition for Reduced-Order Spatiotemporal Modelling and Structural Control
N.I. Xiros and I.K. Chatjigeorgiou
233 An Identification Strategy for Highly Corrupted Measurements in Non-Linear Transient Dynamics
H.M. Nguyen, O. Allix and P. Feissel
234 New Schemes for the Finite Element Dynamic Analysis of Elastic Solids with Voids
G. Iovane and A.V. Nasedkin
235 A Frequency Domain Approach for Transient Dynamic Analysis over the Low and Medium Frequency Ranges: Application to Structures with Heterogeneities
L. Blanc and M. Chevreuil
236 Analysis of the Wind Dynamic Response of Towers and Metallic Masts
R.F. Almeida and R.C. Barros
237 On the Dynamic Behaviour of a Singular Geometry Concrete Belfry
S. Ivorra, F.J. Pallarés and M.L. Romero
238 Derivation of Diffusion Equations for High-Frequency Vibrations of Randomly Heterogeneous Structures
É. Savin
239 Axisymmetric Vibration of Transversely Isotropic Annular Plates
V.K. Agarwal, S. Chakraverty and R. Jindal
240 Physical and Finite Element Shear Load Response Modelling of Viscoelasticity Materials
R. Cajka and P. Manásek
241 Microtremors from Railway Traffic
J. Bencat
242 Generation of Ground Motion Records from the Zarand (Iran) Earthquake Based on a Stochastic Model
A. Nicknam, S. Yaghmaei and A. Yazdani
243 Lp Deconvolution of Seismic Data Using the Iterative Re-Weighted Least Squares Method
A.A. Chanerley and N.A. Alexander
244 Real Earthquake Accelograms as Input for Seismic Analysis
D. Cizmar, J. Radic, D. Mestrovic and A. Nizic
245 Stochastic Simulation Based on Finite-Fault Modelling from the 22 February 2005 (M 6.4) Zarand Earthquake in Iran
A. Nicknam, A. Yazdani and S. Yaghmaei
246 Considering Ground Motion Uncertainties in Stochastic Seismic Analysis of Structures
N. Impollonia, G. Ricciardi and M.P. Santisi d'Avila
247 Post-Seismic Structural Damage Evaluation: An Integrated Probabilistic Proposal
A. Mébarki
248 Debonding, Slipping and Crushing Effects on the Seismic Response of a Roller Compacted Concrete Dam
H.A. Thanoon, M.S. Jaafar, W.A. Thanoon, T.A. Mohammed and J. Noorzaei
249 Structural Optimisation for Earthquake Loading Using Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
E. Salajegheh, J. Salajegheh and S. Gholizadeh
250 Seismic Design of Pre-Cast Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Additional Viscous Dampers
C. Ceccoli, T. Trombetti, S. Silvestri and G. Gasparini
251 Seismic Performance of Slab-on-Girder Bridges Using New Ductile End-Diaphragm Retrofitting Systems
M. Lotfollahi and M. Mofid
252 Seismic Behaviour of an Asymmetric Three-Dimensional Steel Frame with Base Isolation Devices
R.C. Barros and M.B. César
253 Reinforced Concrete Wide-Beams vs. Deep-Beams: A Comparison of their Behaviour under Seismic Loads, Employing Pushover Analysis
J. Lavado, M. Moll and R. Lopez
254 Seismic Behaviour of Irregular Structures
T. Branci, B. Tiliouine and A. Mébarki
255 Energy Dissipation and Behaviour of Building Façade Systems under Seismic Loads
R. Hareer, D. Thambiratnam and N. Perera
256 Seismic Response of Structures with Uncertain Parameters
P. ¬Štemberk and J. Kruis
257 Robust Design of Passive Mass-Uncertain Tuned Mass Dampers on Building Structures
A. De Stefano and E. Matta
258 A Case Study for Seismic Dampers Placed Between Non-Moment-Resisting Steel Frame Structures and Lateral Resisting Concrete Cores
G. Gasparini, T. Trombetti, S. Silvestri and C. Ceccoli
259 The Use of a Toggle Brace System for the Amplification of Seismic Damper Motion in Building Structures
T. Trombetti, S. Silvestri, G. Gasparini and M. Bottazzi
260 Problems with the Cutting of Fibre Reinforced Composites Using Abrasive Waterjet Machining
T. Wala and J. Kosmol
261 The Simplified Unit Cell Method for Micromechanical Studies of Viscoelastic Properties of Unidirectional Fibre-Reinforced Composites
M. Salehi, M.M. Aghdam and S.R. Falahatgar
262 A Modified Three-Dimensional Analytical Model for Stress Prediction in Short Fibre Composites
M. Pahlavanpour, A. Abedian and M. Mondali
263 A Modified High-Order Theory for Sandwich Beams under Contact Loading
F. Mortazavi and M. Sadighi
264 A Two-Layer Beam Element with Interlayer Slip and Shear
S. Schnabl, I. Planinc, M. Saje and G. Turk
265 Solution of an Elastostatic Problem with Imperfect Bonding Using a Two Scale Finite Element Method
G. Mejak
266 Metis Element Model for Interlaminar Stresses in Composite Laminates
N.T. Duong and H. Nguyen Dang
267 Micromodel Based Computations for Laminated Composites
D. Violeau, P. Ladevèze and G. Lubineau
268 Comparison of Beam Theories with Finite Element Analysis in Three-Point Bending of Thick Composites
F. Duchaine, E.M. Baten, H. Champliaud and H.E.N. Bersee
269 Predicting the Macroscopic Behaviour of Metal-Matrix Composites Embedding an Interphase
A. Taliercio
270 The Buckling of Laminates Including Bending-Twisting Coupling Effects with Multiple Delaminations Using Spring Simulation
M. Kharazi, H.R. Ovesy and S.A.M. GhannadPour
271 Triangulation of Three-Dimensional Aggregate Particles
D. Rypl
272 A New Shell Element for Hybrid Vibration Control of Sandwich Structures
H. Boudaoud, E.M. Daya, S. Belouettar and M. Potier-Ferry
273 Stacking Sequence Optimization of Laminated Cylindrical Panels Using a Genetic Algorithm and Neural Networks
M. Shakeri, A. Alibiglou and M. Abouhamze
274 Modelling and Analysis of PVDF Copolymer-Ceramic Composite Thin Films
D.R. Mahapatra and R.V.N. Melnik
275 Analysis of the Free-Edge Effect in Piezoelectric Laminated Plates by the Scaled Boundary Finite-Element Method
J. Artel and W. Becker
276 Stress Analysis and Failure Theory in Piezoelectric Materials
Z.B. Kuang and Z.D. Zhou
277 Deflection Control of Smart Functionally Graded Beams
M.R. Eslami, A.A. Bidokhti, M. Sadighi and A. Gharib
278 Calculation of Eigenvalues of a Piezoelastic Beam with the Pseudospectral Method
M. Kekana
279 Structural Modal Parameter Estimation with Collocated Piezoelectric Patch Actuators and Sensors
J. Dennerlein, U. Gabbert, H. Köppe, S. Nunninger and M. Bechtold
280 An Electro-Mechanical Impedance Approach for Vibration Control Using Multiple Piezoelectric Actuators and Sensors
C.P. Providakis, D.P.N. Kontoni and M.E. Voutetaki
281 Sensitivity Analysis of Laminated Beams Integrated with Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators Using Layerwise Theory
A. Zabihollah, R. Ganesan and R. Sedaghati
282 Elasticity Solution of Laminated Cylindrical Shells with Piezoelectric Actuator and Sensor Layers
M. Shakeri, M.R. Saviz and M.H. Yas
283 Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Mechanical Joining Processes: From Joining down to Structural Analysis
P.O. Bouchard, S. Fayolle and K. Mocellin
284 Force-Deflection Analysis of Indented Pipes with Spring Type Supports
T.H. Hyde, R. Luo and A.A. Becker
285 A Damage Plasticity Bounded Rate Model for the Consistent Prediction of Ductile Failure
G. Court, O. Allix and M. Mahé
286 Viscoelastic Analysis of a Bernoulli-Navier Beam Resting on an Elastic Medium
C. Floris and F.P. Lamacchia
287 Flexural Response of Heterogeneous Structures Using Computational Homogenisation
B. Mercatoris and T.J. Massart
288 Improved Group-Theoretical Method for Eigenvalue Problems of Special Symmetric Structures Using Graph Theory
A. Kaveh and M. Nikbakht
289 Symptomatic and Time-Frequency Techniques for Non-Linear Structural Identification
A. De Stefano, G.V. Demarie and R. Ceravolo
290 Multiobjective Fault Identification Using Genetic Algorithms
R. Perera, A. Ruiz and C. Manzano
291 An Approximate Damage Model for Concrete under Finite Deformation
S. Khajehpour, G.D. Morandin and R.G. Sauvé
292 Material Parameter Identification for Damage Models with Cracks
A. Kucerová, D. Brancherie and A. Ibrahimbegovic
293 Damage Identification of Simply-Supported Beams Using Dynamic Analysis: Experimental and Theoretical Aspects
F. Garcés, P. Garciia, C. Genatios, A. Mébarki and M. Lafuente
294 An Improved Structural Damage Detection Method Based on Modal Strain Energy
G.J. He, M. Yuan and L. Elfgren
295 MYSPEC: Educational Software for Structural Dynamics and Hysteretic Systems
A.E. Charalampakis and V.K. Koumousis

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