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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 79
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping and C.A. Mota Soares

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1 Control of Thermally-Induced Vibrations in a Composite Beam
F. Ashida and T.R. Tauchert
2 Finite Element of a Smart Beam with Piezoelectric Patches using Electroelastic Formulation
S.N. Ahmad, C.S. Upadhyay and C. Venkatesan
3 Finite Element Modelling of Hybrid Beams with Patch Sensors and Actuators using a Coupled Efficient Zigzag Theory
N. Alam and S. Kapuria
4 Passive Vibration Damping using Shunted Shear-Mode Piezoceramics
A. Benjeddou and J.-A. Ranger-Vieillard
5 Finite Element Modelling of Beams with Arbitrary Active Constrained Layer Damping Treatments
C.M.A. Vasques, B. Mace, P. Gardonio and J.D. Rodrigues
6 Beam Models of Piezoelectric Laminates
C. Maurini, J. Pouget and F. dell'Isol
7 On Analytical and Numerical Modelling of Piezoelectric Bimorphs
C. Poizat and A. Benjeddou
8 Classical and Optimal Active Vibration Control of Smart Piezoelectric Beams
C.M.A. Vasques and J.D. Rodrigues
9 Simulation and Analysis of Effective Properties of Porous Piezocomposites
P.M. Bondarev, A.V. Belokon and L.S. Xanthis
10 Modelling and Simulation of Smart Tubular Composites
P. Bondarev, L.S. Xanthis, A. Benjeddou and A. Nasedki
11 A Unified Formulation for Finite Element Analysis of Piezoelectric Adaptive Plates
A. Robaldo, E. Carrera and A. Benjeddou
12 Closed-form Solutions for the Free Vibration Problem of Multilayered Piezoelectric Shells
M. D'Ottavio, D. Ballhause, B. Kröplin and E. Carrera
13 A New Hybrid Plate Model for Response and Control of Smart Laminates
A.H. Sheikh and P. Topdar
14 On Analytical and Numerical Studies of Composite Structures Including Piezoelectric Elements
A. Fernandes and J. Pouget
15 Electric Potential Approximations for an Eight Node Plate Finite Element
O. Polit and I. Bruant
16 Parameter Estimation in Active Plate Structures
A.L. Araújo, C.M. Mota Soares, J. Herskovit and P. Pedersen
17 Optimal Configuration of Piezoelectric Actuators in Vibrating Piezolaminated Structures
M.A. Hamdi Alaoui, M. Rahmoune and E. Benghoulam
18 Solution of Thick Laminated Cylindrical Panels with Piezoelectric Layers under Dynamic Loading
M. Shakeri, M.R. Eslami and A. Daneshmehr
19 Identification of Damping in Selected Magnetorheological Composites
J. Kaleta, D. Lewandowski and G. Zietek
20 An Active Vibration Control Study for an Electrical Machine
K.M.J. Tammi, A.J. Hynninen and P.J. Klinge
21 A Technique for Optimally Designing Fibre-Reinforced Laminated Plates for Minimum Weight with Manufacturing Uncertainty
M. Walker and R. Hamilton
22 Mass Conservation Enhancement of Free Boundary Mesolevel Flows during LCM Processes of Composites Manufacturing
Z. Dimitrovová and S.G. Advani
23 Optimizing the Composition of a Functionally Graded Material
F.C. Figueiredo, L.A. Borges and F.A. Rochinha
24 Optimal Dynamic Response of Composite Structures using a Hierarchical Genetic Algorithm
C.A.C. António
25 High Volume Fraction AlSiCp Composites: A Numerical Study on the Thermal Expansion Coefficient
F. Teixeira-Dias, A. Andrade-Campos, J. Pinho-da-Cruz and J.A. Oliveira
26 Finite Element Initial Buckling and Postbuckling Initial Failure Analysis of Short Pultruded GRP Columns Subjected to Uniform End Compression
G.J. Turvey and Y. Zhang
27 Elastic Behaviour of Reinforced Sandwich Beams
M. Leite, A. Silva and M. Freitas
28 Modelling Cross-Ply Laminated Elastic Shells by a Higher-Order Theory and Multiquadrics
A.J.M. Ferreira, C.M.C. Roque and R.M.N. Jorge
29 A Multiparticle Finite Element for Free Edge Effect Analysis of Laminated Composites
V.T. Nguyen and J.F. Caron
30 Analysis of Laminates using the Element-Free Galerkin Method
J. Belinha and L.M.J.S. Dinis
31 Unified Partial Mixed Variational Formulations for Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress Dynamic Coupled Responses of Multilayer Composites
A. Benjeddou and O. Andrianarison
32 Analysis of Composite Plates using a Layerwise Theory and Radial Basis Functions
A.J.M. Ferreira
33 Finite Element Analysis of the Influence of Temperature Profile on Thermoelasticity of Multilayered Plates
A. Robaldo
34 C1 Plate and Shell Finite Element for Geometrically Non-Linear Analysis of Multilayered Structures
O. Polit, F. Dau and M. Touratie
35 Considerations on Higher-Order Finite Elements for Multilayered Plates based on a Unified Formulation
M. D'Ottavio, D. Ballhause, T. Wallmersperger and B. Kröplin
36 A Layerwise Model for Soft Core Sandwich Panels
R. Moreira and J.D. Rodrigues
37 Treatment of Stress Variables in Advanced Multilayered Plate Elements based upon Reissner's Mixed Variational Theorem
L. Demasi
38 Hybrid Stress-Strain Elements based on the First-Order Single-Layer and Layer-Wise Shell Theories
G.M. Kulikov and S.V. Plotnikova
39 Mesodynamics of a 3D C/C Composite under Shock Loading: a Dedicated Computational Multiscale Approach
J. Sen Gupta, O. Allix, P.-A. Boucard, A. Fanget and P.-L. Héreil
40 Wavelet-Based FEM Analysis of Composites with Interface Defects
M. Kaminski
41 Non-linear Deformation and Microdamaging of Anisotropic Porous Composites
L. Nazarenko
42 Development of a Numerical FEM Model for Non-Crimp Fabric Composite Materials
N. Tessitore and A. Riccio
43 MAC LAM: New Software for the Mechanical Analysis of Composites and Laminates
A. Diaz, R. Castaneda, R. Gameros, J.F. Caron and A. Ehrlacher
44 Numerical Models Concerning Structures with Multi-Layered Textile Strengthening
B. Möller, W. Graf, A. Hoffmann and F. Steinigen
45 Delamination Growth Simulation under Monotone and Fatigue Loading
Y. Ousset
46 Modelling Foreign Object Damage in Composite Aircraft Structures
A.F. Johnson and M. Holzapfel
47 Delamination and Skin-Stringer Separation Analysis in Composite Stiffened Shells
R. Rikards, K. Kalnins and O. Ozolinsh
48 Postbuckling Simulation of Stiffened Composite Panels
T. Möcker and H.-G. Reimerdes
49 Alleviation of Stress Concentrations in a Stiffened Composite Torsion Box: A Methodological Approach
H. Abramovich and T. Weller
50 An Investigation on the Stress Distribution around Holes in Compressively Loaded Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic Composite Laminates
S. Vijayarangan, V. Krishnaraj, M. Senthil Kumar and A. Ramesh Kumar
51 2D Finite Element Model for the Analysis of Elastic-Plastic Composites Subjected to 3D Stresses
A. Taliercio
52 Difficulties with Non-Homogeneous Failure Criteria Like Tsai-Wu for Composite Laminates
A.A. Groenwold and R.T. Haftka
53 Modelling and Optimization of Die Casting Process Control
J.C. Ferreira
54 A Generalized Cap Plasticity Model for Cold Compaction of Powder Forming Processes
A.R. Azami and A.R. Khoei
55 Anisotropic Stress-Softening Model for Damaged Materials
M.H.B.M. Shariff and M.A. Noor
56 Ductile Fracture under Dynamic Loading using a Strain-Rate Dependent Cohesive Model
M. Anvari, I. Scheider and C. Thaulow
57 An Integration Algorithm for Non-Isotropic Finite Strain Plasticity
M. Cuomo and M. Fagone
58 Mixed Formulations for Nonlocal Plasticity
F. Marotti De Sciarra
59 Error Estimates for Finite Element Approximation of Hemivariational Inequalities
M.A. Noor and M.H.B.M. Shariff
60 A New Damage Model based on Nonlocal Displacements
A. Rodríguez-Ferran, I. Morata and A. Huerta
61 Non-Conventional Finite Element Models using Continuum Damage Mechanics
C.M. Silva and L.M.S. Castro
62 Validation of Finite Element Approaches for Modelling Creep Continuum Damage Mechanics
T.H. Hyde, A.A. Becker and W. Sun
63 A Micromechanical Model for Inelastic Ductile Damage Prediction in Polycrystalline Metals
M. Boudifa, K. Saanouni and J.-L. Chaboche
64 Modelling and FEM Simulation of RP Stereolithography Material
J.C. Ferreira
65 Formulation, Verification and Numerical Procedures for Hencky's Elasticity Model
J. Ple¬šek and A. Pozivilová
66 Numerical Simulation of Rubber Tread Blocks in Frictional Sliding
K. Hofstetter, Ch. Grohs, J. Eberhardsteiner and H.A. Mang
67 Comparison of Objective Stress Rates in Single Parameter Strain Cycles
A.T.M. Meyers, H. Xiao and O.T. Bruhns
68 An Intrinsic Lagrangian Statement of Constitutive Laws
P. Rougée
69 Objective Time Derivative Defined as Covariant Derivative
Z. Fiala
70 Stabilized Element Formulations for Multiscale and Multifield problems with Application to Ductile Damage and Failure Modeling
B. Svendsen, F. Reusch and S. Reese
71 Numerical Modelling and Homogenized Constitutive Law of Large Deforming Porous Media
E. Rohan and R. Cimrman
72 Application of the Concept of Evolving Structure Tensors to the Modeling of Initial and Induced Anisotropy in Engineering Structures at Large Deformations
B. Svendsen and S. Reese
73 Modeling the Crystallographic Texture Induced Anisotropy based on Tensorial Fourier Coefficients
T. Böhlke
74 Minimal States and Maximum Free Energies of Materials with Memory
J.M. Golden
75 Mechanical Approach of Plasticity in the Presence of Damage
R. Souchet
76 RC with Large Displacements: Optimization Applied to Experimental Results
R.M.L.R.F. Brasil and M.A. Silva
77 Fatigue Assessment of Bolted Bar Connections in Crane Structures
M. ¬Šraml, J. Kramberger, I. Potrc, Z. Ren and J. Ple¬šek
78 Divergence, Hopf and Double-Zero Bifurcations of a Nonlinear Planar Beam
A. Luongo and A. Di Egidio
79 Finite Element and Reduced-Order Analytical Models for Nonlinear Response of Cables to Harmonic Loadings
F. Vestroni, V. Gattulli, L. Martinell and F. Perott
80 Frequency Domain Analysis of Geometrically Nonlinear Free Vibrations of 3D Beams
P. Ribeiro and R. Lopes Alonso
81 Modal Interactions in Shallow Arches
P. Ribeiro
82 Time Domain Analysis of Geometrically Nonlinear Vibrations of Composite Laminated Plates by the Hierarchical Finite Element Method
R.P. Duarte and P. Ribeiro
83 Aeroelastic Modes for Nonlinear Panel Flutter at Elevated Temperatures
X. Guo and C. Mei
84 Reduced Order Methods for Prediction of Thermal-Acoustic Fatigue
A. Przekop and S.A. Rizzi
85 Dynamic Nonlinear Buckling: Slow Modulation and Noise
H.G. Davies
86 On Some New Aspects of Nonlinear Modes of Vibrating Systems
S. Bellizzi, R. Arquier, R. Bouc and B. Cochelin
87 Geometrical Approach to Two Degrees-Of-Freedom Mechanical System Dynamics
J. Awrejcewicz, D. Sendkowski and M. Kazmierczak
88 Nonlinear Flow effects on Immersed Spent Nuclear Racks
M. Moreira and J. Antunes
89 Cosserat Methods and the Fluid-Structure Interaction
D.A. Burton, D.Q. Cao, R.W. Tucker and C. Wang
90 Modelling and Numerical Analysis of Rain-Wind Induced Vibrations
C. Seidel and D. Dinkler
91 Modelling of Complex Vibratory Behaviours of Nuclear Power Plant Components based on a Vector ARMA Method
D. Daucher, M. Fogli and D. Clair
92 Parallel Computing for Large Scale Stress Analysis of the Shape Adaptation of Bone Microstructures
T. Yamada, K. Tsubota and A. Makinouchi
93 A Comparative Study of the Hemodynamic Hypotheses for the Generation and Development of Atherosclerosis
S.H. Suh, H.W. Roh, H.M. Kwon and B.K. Le
94 Sports Biomechanics: Kinetic Analysis of Exercise using Inverse Dynamics and Pressure Insoles
R. Santos-Rocha and A. Veloso
95 The Relationship Between Sound Waves and Ear Ossicle Chain Movements
K. Pellant, D. Du¬šek and K. Prikryl
96 An Improved Implementation of the Topology Optimization Method Applied to Electrical Impedance Tomography Imaging
C.R. Lima and E.C.N. Silva
97 Temporal Finite Element Descriptions in Structural Dynamics
A. Eriksson
98 Intervertebral Kinetics Modelling and its Simulated Biological Control
M. Otáhal, S. Otáhal and M. Sochor
99 Simulation of the Cerebrospinal Fluid Transportation
J. Otáha, F. Mar¬šík, Z. Broz and S. Otáhal
100 Application of the Boundary Element Method to the Simulation of Surgery including Haptic Feedback
P. Wang, A.A. Becker, A.T. Glover, S.D. Benford, C.M. Greenhalgh, M. Vloebergh and I.A. Jones
101 Three-Dimensional Model of Cementless Acetabular Cup Migration
J. Jíra, O. Jirou¬šek, J. Jírová and M. Micka
102 Finite Element Models of Parts of Human Musculosceletal System Constructed from CT Data
O. Jirou¬šek, J. Jírová, J. Jíra and J. Mác
103 Selection of the Cost Function for Determination of Muscle Forces
T. Phanindra and S. Majumdar
104 Modelling of Basilar Membrane Excitation
K. Pellant and D. Du¬šek
105 A Hierarchical Parallel Solver for Stochastic Finite Element Equations
H.G. Matthies and A. Keese
106 Non-Linear Stochastic Finite Element Analysis of Shells with Non-Homogeneous Random Imperfections
V. Papadopoulos and M. Papadrakakis
107 On the Generalised Perturbation-Based Stochastic Finite Element Method
M. Kaminski
108 Non-Linear Systems Driven by White Noise Processes and Handled by the Characteristic Function Equations
M. Di Paola and G. Cottone
109 Dynamic Elastic Analysis of MDOF Structures with Random Strengths
S. Benfratello and F. Giambanco
110 Validation of Spacecraft Structural Dynamic Models based on a Stochastic Methodology
A. Calvi, M.A. Canay and M.T. Pavón
111 Exact Solutions for Some Statically Indeterminate Stochastic Beams
G. Falsone and A. Sofi
112 A Multiscale "Trefftz" Computational Method for Medium-Frequency Vibrations of Assemblies of Heterogeneous Plates with Uncertainties
L. Blanc, C. Blanzé and P. Ladevèze
113 Sampling Techniques for Sequential Kriging Metamodels in Robust Design Optimisation
F. Jurecka, M. Ganser and K.-U. Bletzinger
114 A New Method of Automatic Concept Model Generation for Optimisation and Robust Design of Passenger Cars
J. Hilmann, M. Paas, A. Hänschke and T. Vietor
115 Computation of Probabilities of Survival for Elastoplastic Mechanical Structures
K. Marti
116 Differential Quadrature, Generalized Methods, Related Discrete Element Analysis Methods and EDQ Based Time Integration Method for Composite Structural Problems
C.N. Chen
117 Analysis of Load Movement in Mining Mills
A. Gutiérrez, L. Magne and A. Ortiz
118 Numerical Integration of Interpolation and Test Functions on any Convex Polyhedrons
T. Fröbel and P. Milbradt
119 Contact Detection between Axially-Asymmetric Ellipsoids for Discrete Element Modeling
S. Johnson, J.R. Williams and B.K. Cook
120 Generalized Collocation Methods for Rotational Shells Free Vibration Analysis
E. Artioli, P.L. Gould and E. Viola
121 3D Discrete Element Method based on the Bipotential Contact
I. Sanni, J. Fortin and P. Coorevits
122 Thin-Walled Member Plastic Bifurcation Analysis using Generalised Beam Theory
R. Gonçalves and D. Camotim
123 On the Investigation of Material Stability during the Simulation of Ductile Damage in Metallic Materials
F. Reusch and B. Svendsen
124 Stability of the FE Computation of Softening Plasticity using an Overlay Model
V. Dias da Silva
125 Some Practical Issues in the Implementation of Meshfree Methods with reference to the Method of Finite Spheres
S. De
126 Element Free Analysis on a Mapped Plane
T. Ohkami, E. Toyoshima and S. Koyama
127 A Meshless Dynamic Finite Element for Beam Vibrations including Rotary Inertia
S.M. Hashemi and D. Pereira
128 Extension of the Fixed Grid Finite Element Method to Eigenvalue Problems
F.S. Maan, O.M. Querin and D.C. Barton
129 The Application of RKPM for the Numerical Simulation of Pressure-Sensitive Material using a Cap Plasticity Model
A.R. Khoei and M. Samimi
130 Nonlinear and Dynamic Structural Analysis using Linear Reanalysis
U. Kirsch and M. Bogomolni
131 Statics and Kinematics of Spherical Trusses
F. Kovács and T. Tarnai
132 Transforming Knowledge to Structures from Other Engineering Fields by Means of Graph Representations
O. Shai and D. Rubin
133 Modelling Three-Dimensional Effects in Single-Lap Bonded Joints using Interface Finite Elements
M.F.S.F. de Moura, J.P.M. Gonçalves and P.M.S.T. de Castro
134 The Finite Element Method on Quadrilateral Meshes
D. Boffi
135 An Assessment of Displacement Finite Elements for Couple Stress Elasticity
E. Providas and M.A. Kattis
136 Validation of Various Linear Spring Stiffness Definitions for a Simple Physical Model for Vibrational Analysis of Cracked Beam Elements Subjected to a Combination of Transverse Loads
M. Skrinar and T. Pliber¬šek
137 Dynamic Analysis of Flexible Risers with a Non-Linear Hybrid Frame Element
D.L. Kayser Jr. and B.P. Jacob
138 Modelling of Unconstrained Cylindrical Bending Processes using the Finite Element Method
G. Giuliano and S. Turchetta
139 On the Flexibility-based Solutions for Beam Elements with Bi-linear Material Model
W. Barham, G.F. Dargush and A.J. Aref
140 A Benchmark for 3D Solid Finite Elements using Bending with Shear
H. Werner
141 Boundary Element Analysis of Orthotropic Prismatic Beams
D. Gaspari and M. Aristodemo
142 A Three-Parameter Boundary Element Formulation for Bending Plates under Initial Fields
A.V. Mendonça and J.B. Paiva
143 A Complex Variables Technique for Evaluating Double Integrals in a Symmetric BEM
M. Mazza and M. Aristodemo
144 Fracture Analysis of Mode III Problems by the Trefftz Boundary Element Approach
J. Wang, Y.H. Cui, M. Dhanasekar and Q.H. Qi
145 Non-Linear Carrying Capacity of Asymmetric Three-Dimensional Braced Steel Frames
R.C. Barros and M.B. Cesar
146 Finite Element Simulation of Cold-formed Steel Purlin-Sheeting Systems for Evaluating the Rotational Restraint
K.B. Katnam, R. Van Impe, G. Lagae and M. De Beule
147 Finite Element Study of Nonlinear Behaviour of Steel Angle Tension Members
P. Usha and V. Kalyanaraman
148 Studies on the Behaviour of Restrained Steel Columns Exposed to Fire
J.P.C. Rodrigues
149 Large Deformation Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Uprights of Steel Racks
A. Fadel, N. Abdel-Rahman, M. El-Sadaawy and S.A. Moura
150 Analytical Evaluation of Local Buckling Behaviour of H-Section Steel Members
T. Ohtsuka and S. Motoyui
151 Design of Welded Steel Beam-to-Column Connections with a T-Stiffener
E.B. Machaly, S.S. Safar and M.A. Youssef
152 Genetic Algorithm based Structural Optimisation of Beam-to-Column Semi-Rigid Joints
F.B. Ramires, L.R.O. de Lima, S.A.L. de Andrade, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco and J.G.S. da Silv
153 A Non-Linear System for Semi-Rigid Steel Portal Frame Analysis
A.A. Del Savio, S.A.L. de Andrade, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco and L.F. Martha
154 Numerical Evaluation of the Response of the Column Web Panel under Asymmetrical Patch Loading
S. Jordão, L. Simões da Silva and R. Simões
155 Effect of Loss of Bolt Tightness on the Integrity of Butt Joints under a Biaxial Stress Field
K. Ding and M. Dhanasekar
156 Numerical Analysis of the Buckling Behaviour of Rectangular Hollow Members
A. Fülöp and M. Iványi
157 Seismic Design of MR Steel Frames with Slender Shear Walls
G. De Matteis, A. Formisano and F.M. Mazzolani
158 Excel Spreadsheets for the Design of Steel Beams with Multiple Web Openings
T.J. McCarthy, R. Schneider, N. Cunliffe and C. Barnshaw
159 Reliability Analysis of a Steel Frame with Semi-Rigid Connections
Z. Balogh and M. Iványi
160 Non-Linear Simulation of Steel and Composite Steel/Concrete Beam-to-Column Connections
R.Y. Xiao and F. Pernetti
161 Finite Element Shakedown Analysis of Two-Dimensional Structures
G. Garcea, G. Armentano and S. Petrolo
162 Optimal Shakedown Design of Bar Systems: Strength, Stiffness and Stability Constraints
J. Atkociunas and D. Merkeviciute
163 An Optimal Design Formulation according to some limited Ductility Behaviour
A. Caffarelli, F. Giambanco and L. Palizzolo
164 A Comparison of Service Life Prediction of Concrete Structures using the Element-Free Galerkin, Finite Element and Finite Difference Methods
H. Taghaddos, F. Mahmoodzadeh, A. Noorzad, S. Mohammadi and A. Ansari
165 Strength Optimum Design of Beams with MC90
M.H.F.M. Barros, A.F.M. Barros and C.C. Ferreira
166 Bond Slip in Modelling of RC Structures for Engineering Practice
L. Jendele and J. Cervenka
167 Analysis and Test of External Tendon Anchorage for Prestressed Concrete Girders
L. Huang, K. Komine and H. Hikosaka
168 Finite Element Simulation of Arching Action in Restrained Slabs
D.J. Robinson, S.E. Taylor and G.I.B. Rankin
169 Analysis of Structural Members under Fire Conditions using the Finite Element Method and PFEM_2D T
J.L. Calmon and C.J. Silva
170 Cracking Behavior of RC Panels under Biaxial Stresses
H.G. Kwak and D.Y. Kim
171 Effect of Expansion and Shrinkage on Deformation and Stresses of Reinforced Concrete Frames
H.A. El-Ginidy and S.A. Mourad
172 Plastic Hinge Model for Reinforced Concrete Beams
S. Lopes and R. do Carmo
173 Reinforced-Concrete Twisted Beams
D. Zupan and M. Saje
174 Modelling the Behaviour of RC Girders Tested to Failure
J. Pencik
175 Reliability Analysis of RC Columns Strengthened by Post-Tensioning
J. Pencik and A. Florian
176 An Empirical Model for Curvature Ductility of Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Sections
O.M.O. Ramadan and S.F. Kansouh
177 Numerical Analysis of Punching Shear of High-Strength Steel Fiber Concrete Slabs
A.A. Hassan and S. Abd-Elbaky
178 SDOF System Demands for Performance-Based Design of RC Structures
B. Taskin
179 The Effect of Creep on the Behaviour of RC Frames in Fire
S. Bratina, F. Saje, M. Saje and I. Planinc
180 Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
S.A. Saif Eldeen and T. Taniguchi
181 Damage Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs
F. Sanches Jr. and W.S. Venturini
182 Efficient Reliability Analysis of RC Grids by Response Surface Methods
R.A. Neves, A. Mohamed, W.S. Venturini and M. Lemaire
183 Free Vibration of Laminated Composite Plates resting on Winkler Foundations
A.E. Assan
184 Analysis of Concrete-Timber Panels and T-Beams
N.T. Mascia, J. Soriano and E.A. Nicolas
185 A Numerical Method to Determine the Characteristic Lengths of Composite Joints
J.H. Kweon, J.H. Choi, J.W. Jung and S.G. Lee
186 Failure Load Prediction of Mechanically Fastened Composite Joints using the Failure Area Index Method
J.H. Choi, C.O. Ryu, J.H. Kweon and G.M. Lee
187 Composite Structures made of Paper Laminates
H. Rothert
188 Exact Solution of Multi-Layered Continuous Beams with Inter-Layer Slip
S. Schnabl, I. Planinc, B. Cas, M. Saje and G. Turk
189 Partial Interaction Analysis of Composite Beams by Means of the Finite Difference Method, the Finite Element Method, the Direct Stiffness Method and the Analytical Solution: A Comparative Study
G. Ranzi, M.A. Bradford, F. Gar and G. Leon
190 Free Vibration Analysis of a Spinning Composite Beam using the Dynamic Stiffness Method
J.R. Banerjee and H. Su
191 A Generic Fiber Model Algorithm for the Analysis of Arbitrary Cross Sections under Biaxial Bending and Axial Load
A. Charalampakis and V. Koumousis
192 A Numerical Method for the Stability Problem of Masonry Elements
B. Pintucchi and N. Zani
193 Design of Double Curvature Masonry Vaults by Eladio Dieste
D. Theodossopoulos and R. Pedreschi
194 Capacity Analysis of Textile Retrofitted Unreinforced Masonry
I. Kalker, B. Toll, S. Holler and C. Butenweg
195 Masonry Micro-Modelling adopting a Discontinuous Framework
J. Pina-Henriques and P.B. Lourenço
196 Non-Linear Homogenization of Quarry Masonry
M. ¬Šejnoha, V. Blazek, J. Zeman and J. ¬Šejnoha
197 Multiscale-Based Constitutive Modeling of Regular Natural Stone Masonry
J. Novák, J. Zeman and M. ¬Šejnoha
198 Masonry Homogenization: Failure Envelope Predictions
A. Mahieux and T.J. Massart
199 A Micro-Macro Approach for Crack Propagation with Local Enrichment
P.-A. Guidault, O. Allix, L. Champaney and J.-P. Navarr
200 Homogenization of Stone Masonry with Irregular Geometry
J. Zeman, M. ¬Šejnoha and J. ¬Šejnoha
201 Evaluation of the Failure Criterion for Masonry by Homogenisation
M. Mistler, C. Butenweg and A. Anthoine
202 Applications of the Multi-Level FEM to Structural Masonry Computations
T.J. Massart, R.H.J. Peerlings and M.G.D. Geers
203 Modeling of Sandwich Structures and Localisation of 3D Displacements and Stresses
M. Guessasma, A. Saidi and P. Coorevits
204 Progression of the Crack Surface Formation in the Fracture Process Simulation of Cement Based Materials
S. Berton, J.E. Bolander and H. Hikosaka
205 Thermal Response of RCC Dams Considering the Effect of Placement Schedule
M.S. Jaafar, K.H. Bayagoob, J. Noorzaei, A.M. Waleed and R. Amini
206 Computational Model of Mesoscopic Structure of Concrete for Material Optimization
J.P.B. Leite, V. Slowik and V. Ape
207 Material Model of Hardening Concrete with Uncertainties
P. ¬Štemberk and J. Kruis
208 Assessment of GRC Façade Panels Mechanical Behaviour with the FEM
J. Ribeiro Correia, J. Ferreira and F. Branco
209 Fracture and Tension Softening of High Performance Fibrous Concrete
R.Y. Xiao and C.S. Chin
210 Buckling Behaviour of Layered Wood Columns
B. Cas, M. Saje and I. Planinc
211 Evaluation of Timber Roof Structures using Close Range Photogrammetry Data
J.C. Caamaño, P. Arias, A. Badaoui and H. Lorenzo
212 3D FEM Models for Timber-Concrete Joints
A. Dias, J.W. van de Kuilen, S. Lopes and H. Cru
213 Non-linear FE Analysis of Tension Structures used to Stabilize the External North Façade of Pad 19-20 in the Fiera di Bologna: Comparison of Two Different Proposed Solutions
R. Gori, M. Majowiecki and A. Mastropasqua
214 On the Accuracy of Non-Linear Dynamic Analysis of Cable Structures
M. Barghian and S.N. Amiri
215 Time-Dependent Analysis and Simulation-Based Reliability Assessment of Suspended Cables with Rheological Properties
S. Kmet, M. Tomko and J. Brda
216 Mechanics and Structure of Spider Webs
A.S.K. Kwan
217 Dynamic Analysis of Multi-Bay Stiffened Coupled Shear Walls
O. Aksogan, M. Bikce and H.M. Arslan
218 Tall Buildings: Design and Behaviour
P. Jayachandran
219 Dynamical Response of Composite Footbridges Due to Pedestrian Loads
J.G.S. da Silva, L.R.O. de Lima, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco, S.A.L. de Andrad, F.P. Figueiredo and A.V. de A. Mello
220 A Numerical Model for Measuring the Wheel-Rail Contact Force resulting from a Dipped Joint
D.P. Hegarty, D.W. O'Dwyer and B. Basu
221 Structural Modeling of a Bridge-Road-Vehicle Dynamic Interaction System
H. Nassif, F.A. Malhas and D. Yuksel
222 Semi-Analytic Solution for Nonuniform Euler-Bernoulli Beams under Moving Forces
A.E. Martínez-Castro, P. Museros and A. Castillo-Linares
223 Wheel-Rail Contact Forces in High-Speed Simply Supported Bridges at Resonance
P. Museros, A. Castillo-Linares and E. Alarcón
224 Determination of the Fatigue Life of a Large Span Railway Bridge
R. Gallagher, D.W. O'Dwyer and M. Hartnett
225 Consistency of Buffeting Analysis in Time and Frequency Domains for Long Span Bridges
Y. Li, H. Liao and S. Qiang
226 Numerical Aeroelastic Analysis of a Cable Stayed Bridge with a Pi Cross Section
A.V. Lopes, A. Cunha and L.M.C. Simões
227 Semi-Active Fuzzy Logic Control of Suspension Bridge Flutter
S. Pourzeynali and T.K. Datta
228 Non-linear Finite Element Analysis of Truss Structures under Follower Forces
J.-T. Chang and I.-D. Huang
229 A Jacobi-Davidson Type Projection Method for General Nonlinear Eigenproblems
H. Voss
230 Solution of the Dynamical Problem of Pantograph-Catenary Interaction: A High Performance Computing Approach
E. Arias, J. Benet, P. Brui, F. Cuartero and T. Rojo
231 Finite Element Dynamic Analysis of Geometrically Exact Beams
M. Gams, M. Saje, S. Srpcic and I. Planinc
232 On a New Computational Approach for Transient Dynamics over the Low and Medium Frequency Ranges for Complex Engineering Structures
M. Chevreuil, P. Ladevèze and Ph. Rouch
233 Vibration Analysis of a Clamped-Clamped Beam with Axial Load and Magnetic Field
T-P. Chang and M-F. Liu
234 Optimal Active Suspension System Subject to Stationary Random Road Surfaces
M. Senthil Kumar, S. Vijayarangan and A. Mohandoss
235 Analysis of Waves Generated by Structure and Layered Half-Space Interaction
I. ¬Špacapan and M. Premrov
236 Experimental Analysis of a Steel Water Tank Tower
J. Bencat
237 The Dynamic Characteristics of a Concrete Building from Construction to Completion
E. Wahyuni and T. Ji
238 Dispersive Properties and Bifurcation of the Second Spectrum for Timoshenko's Flexural Waves in Numerical Simulations
J.E. Laier
239 Numerical-Experimental Identification of the Elastic Properties in Composite Shells
J. Cugnoni, Th. Gmür and A. Schorderet
240 Application of the Damage Location Vector Method in Crack Detection
D. Huynh and D. Tran
241 Structural Damage Analysis of a Frame Structure Models using Filtering Algorithms
R. Endo and N. Tosaka
242 Solution Analysis of Denoising Equations Related to the Mumford-Shah Functional
H. Gu and S. Kindermann
243 Numerical, Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Acoustic Emission Waves in an Isotropic Plate
R.-R. Naber, H. Bahai and B.E. Jones
244 Nondestructive Damage Evaluation of Plates
B.H. Kim, N. Stubbs and T. Park
245 Detection of Damage Level and Location in Structures using Measured Natural Frequencies
M.A.N. Abdel-Mooty and A.S. Hashad
246 Static and Dynamic Stability of Frames with Linearly Tapered Columns
S.C. Kim, S.G. Lee, Y.J. Moon and C.Y. Son
247 Lateral-Torsional Buckling of Tapered Thin-Walled Beams: 1D Formulation vs. Shell FE Analysis
A. Andrade, D. Camotim and P.B. Dinis
248 Connection to a Disjointed Path using a Complex Bifurcation Solution
T. Manabe, M. Kanazawa and N. Tosak
249 Analytical Solution of a Beam Element for Elastic Buckling Analysis
R. Adman and H. Afra
250 Numerical Analysis of the Axisymmetric Collapse of Cylindrical Tubes under Axial Loading
M. Shakeri, A. Alibeigloo and M. Ghajari
251 The Structural Behaviour of Tube and Fitting Access Scaffolding Systems
M.H.R. Godley and R.G. Beale
252 Numerical Analysis of the Stress Distribution in Tube Structures with Multiple Internal Tubes
K.K. Lee, K.J. Lee and H.S. Hwang
253 Stability Analysis of Thin-Walled Frames using a Shear-Flexible Beam Element
G. Turkalj, D. Lanc and J. Brnic
254 Analytical Axisymmetric Finite Elements with Green-Lagrange Strains
P. Pedersen
255 Buckling of Multi-Stiffened Metal Plates Fabricated by Non-Conventional Methods
L.G. Vigh and I. Okura
256 Dynamic Relaxation Buckling Analysis of Viscoelastic Plates
M. Salehi and A. Safi-Djahanshahi
257 Investigation of Natural Vibrations of Rectangular Plates of Variable Thickness with Different Boundary Conditions
V. Budak and A. Grigorenko
258 Non-Linear Free Vibrations of Rectangular Plates: u-v-w Formulation
K. El Bikri, R. Benamar and M.M.K. Bennoun
259 Dynamic Behavior of Non-Uniform Composite Cylindrical Shells Conveying Axial Flow
M.H. Toorani and A.A. Lakis
260 Semiloof Element Formulation: New Computer Coding and Applications
J. Noorzaei, M.S. Jaafar, W.A. Thanoon and J.N. Wong
261 Analytical Sensitivities for the Coupled Morphology Optimization of Linear Shells
A. Petchsasithon and P.D. Gosling
262 Solid-Shell Finite Elements in Shell Structural Problems: A Comparative Analysis
M.P.L. Parente, A. Roque, R.A. Fontes Valente, R.M. Natal Jorge, R.J. Alves de Sousa, J.M.A. César de Sá and J.J. Grácio
263 Buckling Loads of Small Cylindrical Shells under Axial Compressive Loads
J. de Vries
264 Design of Viscous Dampers Connected to Amplifiers in Structures Subjected to High Magnitude Earthquakes
Y. Ribakov and A.N. Dancygier
265 Vertically Hinged Anti-seismic System
F. Bartolozzi
266 Correlation Coefficients of Modal Oscillators with Viscoelastic Memory
A. Palmeri
267 Seismic Studies of Horizontal Joints in Large Precast Concrete Panel Walls
F.A. Malhas, H. Nassif and M.G. Oliv
268 Modelling of Friction Pendulum Isolation Systems to Account for Different Types of Contact of the Articulated Part
V. Koumousis and F. Michou
269 Tuned Liquid Dampers for Structural Applications: Experimental Evidence
A. Baratta, O. Corbi and R. Orefice
270 Study of Rocking Response of Rigid Blocks using Shaking Table Experiments
I. Corbi and R. Orefice
271 An Analytical Approach for Generating Design Response Spectra Compatible Accelerograms
K. Behfar, H.E. Estekanchi and A. Vafai
272 Seismic Design of Steel Building Frameworks using Advanced Pushover Analysis
Y. Gong
273 Influence of Stair Slabs in Reinforced Concrete Buildings under Seismic Loads
J. Lavado and M.L. Gonzalez
274 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of RC Structures using Cyclic Moment-Curvature Relations
H.G. Kwak and S.P. Kim
275 Spatial Variation of Ground Motion: Synthesis of Correlated Displacements
M.P. Ferreira, J.H. Negrão and A.V. Lopes
276 Sensitivity of Seismic Structural Response of Multi-Storey Buildings to IBC-Compliant Response Spectra
T.M. Nahhas and M.H. Imam
277 Seismic Control Devices for Machinery, Equipment and Buildings
P. Nawrotzki
278 Analysis of Collapsed RC Structures from the Algiers Earthquake of May 21, 2003
N. Bourahla and S. Tafraout
279 Seismic Upgrade of Concrete Structures using Low Yield Metal Shear Panels
E.S. Mistakidis, G. De Matteis and A. Formisano
280 Seismic Engineering Education: a Principal Key for Building Safety
Y. Ribakov, I. Iskhakov and B. Blostotsky
281 Collapse Behaviour of Foam-Filled Structures
M.S. Attia, S.A. Meguid, T.Y. Ng and L.S. Ong
282 Computational and Experimental Full-Scale Crash Analysis of a Road Safety Barrier
Z. Ren and M. Vesenjak
283 Finite Element Method for Modelling of Composite Structures
N.F.S. Lourenço, A.K. Pickett and N.A. Warrio
284 Train Crashworthiness Design using Response Surface Methodology
R.N. Cadete, J.P. Dias and M.S. Pereira
285 Simplified Models for Simulation and Design of Crashworthy Structures
J.P. Dias, F. Antunes and R. Corrêa
286 Optimisation of Forging Process Parameters using Genetic Algorithms
C.F. Castro, C.A.C. António and L.C. Sousa
287 Evolutionary Optimisation of Tool Shape Parameters in Sheet Metal Forming
L.C. Sousa, C.A.C. António and C.F. Castro
288 A Genetic Algorithm for Discrete Optimization of Space Trusses with Plastic Collapse Constraints
A. Csébfalvi
289 Optimal Design of Machine Components using Notch Correction and Plasticity Models
B. Wilczynski and Z. Mróz
290 Optimal Design of a Beam Subjected to Compression Forces in the Framework of Different Structural Models
A. Samartin, J.C. Mosquera and C. Castro
291 A Simple Boundary Element Formulation for the Shape Optimization of Planar Structures
L.M. Bezerra and J.C. Santos Jr.
292 Modified Level-Cut Approaches for Unique Design in Large-Scale Fuzzy Constrained Structural Optimization
C.J. Shih and H.W. Lee
293 Maximizing Gaps between Eigenfrequencies in Two-Material Structures
N.L. Pedersen
294 Optimum Geometry Design of Nonlinear Braced Domes using a Genetic Algorithm
E.S. Kameshki and M.P. Saka
295 Optimisation of Imperfect Structures using Distributed Components
M. Baitsch
296 Layout Optimisation of Elasto-plastic Structures subjected to Normal and Extreme Loads
S. Kaliszky and J. Lógó
297 Application of the Mathematical Theory of Homogenization in Topology Optimization Problems
Y. Wang and D. Tran
298 A Material Model for Topology Optimisation of Structures with Contact Conditions
J. Folgado, P.R. Fernandes and H. Rodrigues
299 Stress-Limit based Topology Optimization Method
C.-Y. Lin and F.-M. Shu

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