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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 81
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping

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1 Handling Model Approximations and Human Factors in Complex Structure Analyses
L. Sgambi
2 The Robust Design of Long Span Suspension Bridges
L. Catallo
3 A Genetic Algorithm Approach for Performance Evaluation of Long Span Suspension Bridges
L. Sgambi and F. Bontempi
4 Requirements and Main Aspects of an Intelligent Monitoring System for Long Span Bridges
K. Gkoumas
5 The Heightening of an Old Masonry Gravity Dam
S. Manenti, U. Ravaglioli and F. Bontempi
6 Heuristic Methods for Solving Direct and Inverse Problems of Complex Structural Systems
S. Arangio
7 Multilevel Approaches to the Analysis and Synthesis of the Serviceability Performance of a Long Span Suspension Bridge
F. Bontempi and F. Giuliano
8 Applying TRIZ to the Construction Industry
Y.H. Lin and P.C. Lee
9 Performance Prediction of Highway Bridges using Fuzzy Regression Models
N.F. Pan
10 Decision Making for Mobile City Infrastructure Strategic Planning
H.S. Wu and J.C. Li
11 An Insurance Decision Model for Contractor's All Risks Insurance
P.C. Chiu and S.J. Guo
12 Development Structure and Performance Evaluation for Applying Wireless Transmission to the Construction Industry
L.K. Lin, C.L. Cheng and S.X. Li
13 Visual Information Transfer using Mobile IT Solutions
O.O. Koseoglu, B. Erdogan, Y. Nielsen, C.J. Anumba and N.M. Bouchlaghem
14 Internet based Analytical Services using a Java based GUI
H.M. Chen and Y.C. Lin
15 An Automated Visual-Aid System for Inspecting Concrete Bridges
N.J. Yau and H.K. Liao
16 Intelligent Search Guides for the Construction e-Market
R.J. Dzeng, S.S. Wang and S.Y. Chang
17 Bid-Price Determination Considering Cash-flow Effects
W.C. Wang, C.L. Lin and Y.H. Lu
18 A Hybrid Soft Computing Approach for Knowledge Discovery in Construction Engineering
W.D. Yu and G.W. Fan
19 Optimizing the Design of an Attribute Double Sampling Plan
T.M. Cheng and Y.L. Chen
20 Information Needs and Direction for Construction ERP Development
A.S. Chang and K.P. Lee
21 Study on the Mix Proportioning Design of Recycled Concrete by the Taguchi Method
Y.H. Lin, Y.Y. Tyan and P.C. Lee
22 SPC-based Project Performance Evaluation System
S.S. Leu, Y.C. Lin and T.A. Chen
23 Ontology Development for Semantic Web Based Services in Construction
D. Ruikar, C.J. Anumba, Z. Aziz, P.M. Carrillo and N.M. Bouchlaghem
24 Selection of Construction Methods for Deep Foundation Excavations
N.F. Pan
25 A Fuzzy Logic Model to Avoid Electrocution during Mobile Crane Operations
H.M. Al-Humaidi and F.C. Hadipriono
26 A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Model Worker Safety in Deconstruction
M. Manohar, J.W. Duane and F.C. Hadipriono
27 Evaluating Trench Safety using Fuzzy Logic
C.B. Patel and F.C. Hadipriono
28 Retrieving Knowledge for Falsework Safety Inspection
C.C. Huang, N.S. Al-Kaabi and F.C. Hadipriono
29 Using Fuzzy Logic Models for Safety Assessment of Tunnel Grouting
K.R. Al-Labadi and F.C. Hadipriono
30 Development of Model-Based Systems for Integrated Design of Highway Bridges
M.R. Halfawy, F.C. Hadipriono, J. Duane and R. Larew
31 A Fault Tree Analysis for Assessing Construction Safety based on Environmental Psychology
N.S. Al-Kaabi and F.C. Hadipriono
32 Multivariate Analysis and the use of Fuzzy Logic for Garage Safety Evaluation
C.C. Tseng and F.C. Hadipriono
33 Fuzzy-Random Reliability Analysis of Building Performance
X. Gu and Y. Lu
34 Vulnerability Assessment of Industrial Facilities
I. Karimi, C. Butenweg and B. Toll
35 Applications of Virtual Construction Environments in Improving Construction Site Safety
K.K. Naji
36 Finite Element Modelling of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Subjected to Uniformly Distributed Loads
F.D. Queiroz, P.C.G.S. Vellasco and D.A. Nethercot
37 Structural Analysis of T and KT Joints of a Steel Truss Structure using the Finite Element Method
L.F. Costa Neves, L.R.O. de Lima, S. Jordão and J.G.S. da Silva
38 Post-Buckling Analysis of Thin-Walled Channel Columns in the Framework of the Generalized Beam Theory
P. Simão and L. Simões da Silva
39 A Parametric Study of Composite Footbridges with Pedestrian Walking Loads
F.P. Figueiredo, J.G.S. da Silva and L.R.O. de Lima
40 Dynamical Analysis for the Walking Induced Vibrations of Composite Floors
A.V.A. Mello, J.G.S. da Silva and L.R.O. de Lima
41 Finite Element Analysis of Beam-to-Column Minor Axis Steel Joints
W.O. Bessa, L.F.L. Ribeiro, R.M. Gonçalves L.F. Costa Neves and F.C.T. Gomes
42 Finite Element Modelling of Steel Webbed Joists
Z.W. Guan, K. Legakis and D.J. Pope
43 Nonlinear Analysis and Tests of Prestressed Concrete Composite Girders with Steel Truss Webs
L. Huang, K. Niitani and H. Hikosaka
44 Stress Analysis and Verification of the Web Weld Connection of Opened I-Beams in Composite Constructions
O.R.O. Cavalcante and L.M. Bezerra
45 A Numerical Study of Concrete Filled Tubular Columns with High Strength Concrete
M.L. Romero, J.L. Bonet, S. Ivorra and A. Hospitaler
46 The Non-linear Simulation of the Behaviour of Integral Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Framed Structures in Fire Conditions
S. Liu, Y. Li, X.X. Zha and J.Q. Ye
47 Dynamic Characteristics of Composite Floors
S.S. De Silva and D.P. Thambiratnam
48 Shear Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced with CFRP Bars
A.F. Ashour
49 Flexural Behaviour of CFRP Reinforced Concrete Flanged Beams
A.F. Ashour and M. Family
50 Modelling and Analysis Issues in Assessing the Performance of RC Shear Walls
D. Coronelli, L. Martinelli and M.G. Mulas
51 Discretely Supported Thin-Walled Steel Silo Shells: Advanced Buckling Design and Modelling Aspects
W. Guggenberger
52 Lower Critical Stress Analysis of Axially Compressed Cylindrical Shells
K. Magnucki
53 Buckling of an Isotropic Porous Cylindrical Shell
M. Malinowski and K. Magnucki
54 Buckling of Axially Compressed Cylinders with Imperfect Length
J. Blachut
55 Buckling of Corrugated Circular Cylinders under Uniform External Pressure
C.T.F. Ross
56 Looking for Flexible and Configurable Civil Engineering Enterprise Environments
R. Jardim-Gonçalves, F. Farinha and A. Steiger-Garção
57 Design Process Improvement using a Single Model Environment
D. Ruikar, W. Tizani and R. Smith
58 Integrated IFC based Collaborative Building Design using Internet Technology
D. Roshani and W. Tizani
59 The IFC Steel Construction Extension
E. Holtzhauer and H. Saal
60 An Object-Oriented Framework for Programming Iterative Solution Algorithms
R.I. Mackie
61 Data Structures and Schema for Quality Assurance and Process Management in Finite Element Analysis
J. Dhayanidhi and S. Chandra
62 A Process Model for Material Research Applied to Textile Reinforced Concrete
F. Peiffer and R. Chudoba
63 Extending Software Development with XML Based Components
N. Anwar
64 Mesh Smoothing for Triangulations Defined on Surfaces
J.M. Escobar, R. Montenegro, G. Montero and E. Rodríguez
65 A Modified Paving Algorithm
A. Dixit
66 Automatic Constrained Meshing
A. Dixit
67 A Hybrid Method for Triangulation of Three-Dimensional Domains
D. Rypl and Z. Bittnar
68 A Grid-based Application for the Three-dimensional Dynamic Analysis of High-Rise Buildings
J.M. Alonso, C. de Alfonso, V. Hernández and G. Moltó
69 Towards a Grid Enabled Engineering Collaboration Environment
M. Dolenc, Z. Turk, P. Katranuschkov, K. Kurowski and M. Hannu
70 A Method of Updating and Management of Spatial Data Infrastructure in Japan
T. Morii, I. Mikami and S. Kubota
71 A Virtual Compressive Test for Structural Engineers
E.A.B. Koenders, E. Schlangen, E. Dado and K. van Breugel
72 Recommendations for an IT Strategy Plan for the Malaysian Construction Sector
M.J. Sulaiman, C.D. Theng, N.K. Weng, J. Adnan, Z. Usop and R. Usop
73 Towards Better Housing Management: Service Life Planning in Achieving Sustainability for Affordable Housing
S.H. Tapsir, J.M. Yatim and F. Usman
74 GIS Support for Optimizing Infrastructure Programs of Distributed Sites
T. Hegazy
75 Improving Quality and Data Acquisition in Asset Management
J. Christian
76 An Innovative Project Controls System
N.N. Eldin and L.C. Lloyd
77 Scheduling Construction Activities using Ant Colony Optimization
S. Christodoulou
78 An Optimization Model for Workgroup-Based Repetitive Scheduling
R.Y. Huang and K.S. Sun
79 Interaction with Virtual Three-Dimensional Models for the Visualisation of Construction Processes
A.Z. Sampaio, P.G. Henriques, P.S. Ferreira and R.P. Luizi
80 Duration Sensitivity Risk Analysis in Construction Feasibility Management: A Case Study
P. Daneshmand
81 A Web-based System for Managing Construction Information
A.P. Chassiakos and S.P. Sakellaropoulos
82 Design Constructability and Space Management
P.P. Zouein and T. Franjieh
83 Numerical Simulation of the Vortex Wave Flow in the Reactor for Wastewater Treatment
F.X. Liu, Z.J. Liu, Q.C. Shi and J.T. Zhou
84 Innovative Approach in Simulation of Suspended Floc Formation in Activated Sludge
N. Khandani A., T. Donnelly and D.J. Elliott
85 An Investigation into the Influence of Hydrogeological Conditions on LNAPL Migration
M.H.A. Mohamed
86 Interaction between Physical, Chemical and Biological Processes in the Coastal Water off a River Mouth in a Post-Flood Condition
Y.M. Yustiani and A. Mano
87 Preconditioning Shifted Linear Systems arising in a Wind Model
G. Montero, A. Suárez, E. Rodríguez, E. Flórez and M.D. García
88 A Model for the Design of Water Harvesting Tanks
M.G. Shinde, I.K. Smout and S.D. Gorantiwar
89 Application of GIS for Water Quality Management: Estimation of Nutrient Loads
A. Clement, A. Kovacs and K. Buzas
90 A Fully Integrated Leakage Model for Water Distribution Networks
M. Tabesh and A.H. Asadiani Yekta
91 Urban City Traffic Simulation based on a Stochastic Velocity Model
T. Tamaki and E. Kita
92 Development of a Procedure to Estimate Control Delay
M.A. Saif
93 Reliability Analysis of Urban Transportation Networks by @Risk
A.S. Mohaymany and A. Golroo
94 Development of the Transition Matrix Calculator
S.B. Costello, J.J. Ortiz-García and M.S. Snaith
95 Topological and Graph Products: Eigenproblems for Optimal Structural Analysis
A. Kaveh and H. Rahami
96 Geometric and Material Nonlinear Analyses of Elastically Restrained Arches
Y.L. Pi, M.A. Bradford, F. Tin-Loi and R.I. Gilbert
97 An Efficient Implementation of Non-Linear Limit State Analysis based on Lower-Bound Solutions
L. Damkilde and L. Juhl Schmidt
98 Transport Matrix Based Dynamic Stiffness Matrix of a Circular Helicoidal Bar
S.A. Alghamdi
99 Estimation of the Critical Flutter Load of a Tapered Beam Simultaneously Subjected to a Follower Force and an Axial Force
I. Takahashi
100 Suboptimal Cycle Bases for Analysis of Frames with Semi-rigid Joints
A. Kaveh, H. Moez and M.A. Barkhordari
101 Analysis Methods for the Pretension Process of Flexible Cable-Strut Structures
H.Z. Yang, J.M. Ding and Q.L. Zhang
102 Analysis and Design of the Foundations of Wind-Turbo Generators using the Finite Element Method
R.T. Teixeira and R.C. Barros
103 Interaction between Vibration and Friction of a Block-Incline held by Magnets
M. Holland and D. Tran
104 Study of the Brittle Fracture of Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers
J. Barredo, A. Fraile and E. Alarcón
105 A Simple Method for the Inclusion of External and Internal Supports in the Spline Finite Strip Method for Buckling Analysis
Z. Vrcelj and M.A. Bradford
106 Combining a Similar Coefficient Identification Algorithm with the Boundary Element Method
L. Hermanns, I. del Rey, A. Fraile and E. Alarcón
107 Analysis of 3D Flat Shell Structures by the Boundary Element Method
A.V. Mendonça and J.B. Paiva
108 Flexural-Torsional Vibrations of Beams by the BEM
E.J. Sapountzakis and G.C. Tsiatas
109 Boundary Element Analysis of Contact under Creep Conditions
C. Chandenduang and A.A. Becker
110 Comparing BEM and FEM Strategies for the Computation of the Stress Intensity Factor using Singular and Non-Singular Elements
S.P.L. Leme, R.F. Lima, L.M. Bezerra and P.W. Partridge
111 Three-Dimensional Element Free Analysis using a Mapping Technique
T. Ohkami, M. Ohara and S. Koyama
112 Simulation of Fresh Concrete Flow
B. Patzák and Z. Bittnar
113 Sub-Grid-Scale Parameters in Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling of Compartment Fires
N.D. Pope and C.G. Bailey
114 Coupled Fluid-Structure Simulation of the Coriolis Flowmeter under Forced Vibration
N. Mole, G. Bobovnik, J. Kutin, B. Štok and I. Bajsic
115 Plate Depth Refinement Applied to a Deep Cantilevered Beam
W.C. Christie and J.W. Bull
116 A Study of Structural Topology Optimization based on ANSYS
Y.D. Liu and G. Bian
117 A Hypo-ellipse Approximation for Bi-objective Structural Life Cycle Cost Optimization Problems
S.S. Abdelatif Hassanien, M.A. Maes and N. Shrive
118 Topology Optimisation using the SERA Method with a BESO Bias on Element Admission
R.N. Brodie, O.M. Querin and D.C. Barton
119 Optimization of Submerged Domes
K.K. Vo, C.M. Wang and Y.H. Chai
120 Application of the Reduced Basis Method for Optimisation of Heat Conduction Problems
S.M.B. Afonso, P.R.M. Lyra and T.M. Albuquerque
121 Optimum Design of the Link of an Inverted Tooth Chain
T.Y. Chen, B.C. Chung and S.J. Chiou
122 Evolutionary Structural Optimization of Steel Gusset Plates
A.A. Khalaf and M.P. Saka
123 Design and Optimisation of Cross Sections using Spreadsheet Analyses
P. Mark
124 Multi-Objective Optimization of Laminated Cylindrical Panels using a Genetic Algorithm
M. Shakeri, A. Alibeigloo and A. Morowat
125 Numerical Study of Stochastic Stability of Structures
W.C. Xie
126 Explicit Formulations for Reliability-Based Optimal Plastic Design Problems
K. Marti
127 Reliability Analysis for Human Comfort under Random Vibration
J.E. Laier
128 Non-linear Time-Dependent Post-Elastic Analysis and Reliability Assessment of a Suspended Cable Considering Creep Effects
S. Kmet, M. Tomko and J. Brda
129 Plastic Buckling Analysis of Mindlin Plates using the Ritz Method
C.M. Wang, T.M. Aung and K.K. Vo
130 Thermal Buckling Response of Three-Node Isoparametric Shear Flexible Element for Moderately Thick to Thin Plates
H.R.H. Kabir
131 Elastic Stability Analysis of Simply-Supported Rectangular Plates under Arbitrary Loads
Y.G. Liu and M.N. Pavlovic
132 The Performance of Allman's Membrane Finite Element for Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of Shell Structures
E. Gal and R. Levy
133 The Higher-Order Stiffness Matrix of a Simple Triangular Flat Plate Element for Nonlinear Analysis of Shell Structures
J.T. Chang and I.D. Huang
134 Computational Simulation of the Transient Elastic-Viscoplastic Response of Structural Components at High Temperature
R. Schmidt and M. Stoffel
135 Stability Problems at Nanoscale
H. Rothert, G. Ernst and L. Nasdala
136 Application of the Atomic-Scale Finite Element Method to Buckling and Post-Buckling of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
A.Y.T. Leung, X. Guo, X.Q. He, H. Jiang, S. Kitipornchai, Y. Huang and J.W.Z. Lu
137 A Discrete Quasi-Static Cyclic Material Model Incorporating Hysteresis for Quasi-Brittle Materials
S. Mertens, K. De Proft and J. Vantomme
138 Solution of a Transient 2D Nonlinear Heat Diffusion Problem with the Multigrid Method
I. Jancskar and A. Iványi
139 Finite Element Analysis of the Hysteretic Behaviour of Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Connections
S. Liu, Y. Li and X.X. Zha
140 Stability of Nonlinear Iteration in Diffusion Problems
Z. Sari and A. Iványi
141 An Assessment of Incorporating Proportions of Fly Ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as a Cement Substitute
K. Hassan, K. Hattori, H. Ogata and M. Ashraf
142 A Numerical Method to Predict the Strength of Cellular Concrete Wall Panels
X.D. Phan, P. Mendis and S.L. Mak
143 Finite Element Simulation of Damage Evolution in Dynamically Loaded Structures
R. Schmidt and M. Stoffel
144 An Efficient Return Algorithm for Non-Associated Mohr-Coulomb Plasticity
J. Clausen, L. Damkilde and L. Andersen
145 Adaptive Architecture: Responsive Building Technology
D. Clifford and E. Moore
146 Post-processing Techniques in Free Boundary Flows during Liquid Composite Moulding Processes
Z. Dimitrovová
147 The Dynamic Behaviour of a Piezoelectric Sensor and Actuator Embedded in a Composite Cylinder
A.R. Daneshmehr and M. Shakeri
148 Symplectic Method for a Piezoelectric Cantilever Beam
A.Y.T. Leung, J.J. Zheng and C.W. Lim
149 Computer Analysis and Design of Cold-Formed Purlins
J.P. Papangelis and G.J. Hancock
150 Analysis of Steel Pipelines with Plain and Gouged Dents
J. Blachut and I.B. Iflefel
151 Numerical Results on the Buckling Strength of Stiffened Elliptic Paraboloidal Steel Panel Shutters
A. Zingoni and V. Balden
152 Analysis of Local-Plate/Distortional Mode Interaction in Cold-Formed Steel Lipped Channel Columns
P.B. Dinis, N. Silvestre and D. Camotim
153 Repair of Cracked Steel I-Beams: Fracture Demand versus Force and Stress Criteria
S.S.F. Mehanny, O.M.O. Ramadan and H.G.Z. Nasralla
154 Finite Element Modelling of Heat Curved Steel Girders
A.N. Gergess
155 A Parametric Study of the Non-Linear Geometric Behaviour and Carrying Capacity of 3D Asymmetric Steel Frames
M.B. César and R.C. Barros
156 Study of the Bolt Pull-out Phenomenon from a Steel Plate
P. Iványi, M. Zygomalas and C.C. Baniotopoulos
157 Modelling and Simulation of Endplate Connections and their Effects on Steel Frames
A.R. Kukreti and F.F. Zhou
158 Second Order Analysis of Scaffolds with Semi-Rigid Connections
U. Prabhakaran, R.G. Beale and M.H.R. Godley
159 Numerical Evaluation of Flange Thickness on the Contact Stress and Prying Action in T-Stub Steel Connections
C.A.S. Freitas, L.M. Bezerra and Y. Nagato
160 Optimum Design of Socket Joint Systems for Space Structures using Second Order Approximation
J. Salajegheh, E. Salajegheh and S.M. Seyedpoor
161 Geometrically Nonlinear Behaviour of Stiffened Coupled Shear Walls
M.J. Fadaee , H. Saffari and H. Khosravi
162 Quantitative Lateral Drift Control of Shear Wall-Frame Buildings
H.J. Lee and H.S. Kim
163 Modelling of Heat and Moisture Transport in Buildings with Control Applications
X. Lü, T. Lu and M. Viljanen
164 HMTB: A Computer Simulation Tool for Heat and Moisture Transfer in Buildings
T. Lu, X. Lü and M. Viljanen
165 The Influence of Non-Linear Material Properties on the Global Convergence in the Finite-Element Analysis of Spatial Beams
D. Zupan and M. Saje
166 Finite Element Analysis Considering Slip Behaviour of Tendons
H.G. Kwak and J.H. Kim
167 Limited Ductility Plastic Analysis of Continuous Concrete Beams
B. Horowitz
168 Bond Model for Reinforced Concrete Subjected to Impact Loading
F. Lin
169 Estimation of Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Concrete Slabs
H.G. Kwak and S.J. Ha
170 Computerized Analyses of Alternative Mechanical Models of Waffle Slabs using the Finite Element Method
R.H. Dias, J.B. Paiva and J.S. Giongo
171 Computation of Effective Bending Stiffness of RC Telecommunication Towers based on Experimental Data
M.A. Silva, J.S. Arora and R.M.L.R.F. Brasil
172 A Triangular Layered Plate Element for Nonlinear Structural Analysis
Y.X. Zhang, M.A. Bradford and R.I. Gilbert
173 A Numerical Study of the Second Order Effects in Slender Concrete Columns
M.L. Romero, A. Bendito, J.L. Bonet, M.A. Fernandez and P.F. Miguel
174 A Numerical Study of One-Way and Two-Way Concrete Walls with Openings
P. Hallinan and H. Guan
175 Behaviour of High Strength Concrete Columns under Eccentric Loading
T. Hara and M.N.S. Hadi
176 Hygro-Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of a Nuclear Power Plant Prestressed Concrete Reactor Vessel
J. Kruis, T. Koudelka, Z. Bittnar and M. Petkovski
177 A Dynamic Finite Element for Vibration Analysis of Composite Circular Tubes
S.M. Hashemi and A. Roach
178 A Methodology for Minimum Weight Optimal Design of Fibre-Reinforced Laminated Structures Accounting for Manufacturing Uncertainties
M. Walker and R. Hamilton
179 Multilayered Timoshenko Beams with Interlayer Slip: Exact Solution
S. Schnabl, M. Saje, B. Cas, G. Turk and I. Planinc
180 Dynamic Stiffness Formulation and Free Vibration Analysis of a Composite Beam
J.R. Banerjee and H. Su
181 Development and Application of a Progressive Damage Approach to a Grid Structure Representative Volume Element
N. Tessitore and A. Riccio
182 Finite Element Analysis of Tapered Fibre Reinforced Polymer Hollow Poles
J. Jung and A. Abolmaali
183 Nonlinear Analysis of Interlocking Mortarless Block Masonry Systems using the Finite Element Method
W.A.M. Thanoon, A.H. Alwathaf, J. Noorzaei, M.S. Jaafar and M.R. Abdulkadir
184 Modelling of Textile Strengthened Masonry
I. Kalker, C. Butenweg, S. Holler and B. Toll
185 A Micro-Mechanical Model for the Homogenized Limit Analysis of Out-Of-Plane Loaded Masonry Walls
G. Milani, P.B. Lourenço and A. Tralli
186 An Assessment of the Collapse of the San Andrés Coastal Tower in Tenerife
O. Río, D. Theodossopoulos, M.P. de Luxán and F. Dorrego
187 Non-linear Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Charles Bridge Exposed to Temperature Impact
J. Šejnoha, J. Zeman, J. Novák and Z. Janda
188 On Representative Volume Element Size for the Analysis of Masonry Structures
J. Novák, M. Šejnoha and J. Zeman
189 Analysis of Historical Masonry Structures using Three Dimensional Solid Elements
C.A. Syrmakezis, A.K. Antonopoulos and O.A. Mavruli
190 Effective Material Parameters for Transport Processes in Historical Masonry Structures
J. Sýkora, J. Vorel, J. Šejnoha and M. Šejnoha
191 Upper and Lower Bounds to the Collapse Load of Masonry Bridges Taking into Account Arch-Fill Interaction
A. Cavicchi
192 Stability of No-Tension Masonry Walls having a Non-Linear Constitutive Law
I. Mura
193 A Seismic Design Procedure for Masonry Buildings
M. Mistler and C. Butenweg
194 Historical Structures Vulnerability Evaluation using Fragility Curves
C.A. Syrmakezis, A.K. Antonopoulos and O.A. Mavruli
195 A Simplified Model for the Evaluation of the Seismic Behaviour of Masonry Buildings
I. Caliò, M. Marletta and B. Pantò
196 Modelling of Timber Framed Shear Walls using Wooden Dowels
Z.W. Guan and C. Zois
197 Simulating Occupant-Induced Vibrations of Wood Floors with Rotated Joists
A. Ebrahimpour, C.W. Winmill, H. Sadid and R.L. Sack
198 Finite Element Modelling of Timber Joints Fastened with Double-Sided Punched Metal Plate Connectors
T. Zhou and Z. Guan
199 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Composite Wood Beams
B. Cas, J. Lopatic, M. Saje, S. Schnabl and I. Planinc
200 An Effective Numeric Procedure for Seismic Response Analysis of Multistory Buildings with Active Control Systems
G. Agranovich, Y. Ribakov and B. Blostotsky
201 Active Control Optimization of Structures using Genetic Algorithms
P. Rosko
202 Experimental Tests and Numerical Simulations of Stiffened Pure Aluminium Shear Panels
G. De Matteis, A. Formisano, F.M. Mazzolani and S. Panico
203 Fluid Viscous Damper Optimal Design for Seismic Protection of Bridges
S. Berton, T. Takahashi and Y. Sonoda
204 Supplemental Hydraulic Dampers for Buildings
Y. Arfiadi and M.N.S. Hadi
205 Active Control of High Rise Building Structures using Fuzzy Logic and Genetic Algorithms
H.H. Lavasani and S. Pourzeynali
206 A Practical Approach to Install Viscous Dampers on Flexible Structures
K. Engelen, J. Anthonis and H. Ramon
207 Signal Processing and Predictive Control of a Semi-Active Structural Control System
M.-H. Shih and W.-P. Sung
208 Analysis and Modelling of the Energy Dissipation Behaviour of Velocity and Displacement Dependent Hydraulic Dampers
W.-P. Sung and M.-H. Shih
209 Modelling and Design of Variable Friction Dampers for Improving Seismic Response of Structures
Y. Ribakov, B. Blostotsky and I. Iskhakov
210 The Isolation Efficiency of the Dual-Trench System in a Three Dimensional Wave Propagation Problem
S.H. Tung, C.C. Yu, W.H. Lee and M.H. Shih
211 System Development for GIS-based Urban Loss Assessment in Low-to-Moderate Seismic Regions with a Case Study
M.J. Qiao and A.M. Chandler
212 Pseudo Excitation Method for Seismic Random Vibration Analysis of Long-Span Structures
J.H. Lin, Y.H. Zhang and Y. Zhao
213 Interoperability in an IFC-Compliant Integrated Earthquake Simulation
M. Hassanien and J. Inoue
214 Using 3D GIS Information for Structural Modeling of a Metropolis
P. Zhu, Y. Fujino, M. Hori and J. Kiyon
215 Seismic Resistance of Natural and Artificial Variable Stiffness Reinforced Concrete Buildings
I. Iskhakov and Y. Ribakov
216 Evaluation of the Seismic Response of Liquid Storage Tanks
S. Bagheri, F.R. Rofooei and Y. Bozorgnia
217 Using the Method of Total Least Squares for Seismic Correction
A.A. Chanerley and N.A. Alexander
218 Structural Damage Estimation using Seismic and Spectral Parameters
A. Bakhshi, H. Tavallali and K. Karimi
219 The Effects of Vertical Seismic Acceleration in Columns Supported by Beams
J. Lavado
220 A Comparison of Input Energy in Different Lateral Force Resisting Systems
M. Tehranizadeh and M. Torabi
221 Dynamic Analysis of Steel Tanks Subjected to Three-Dimensional Ground Motion
G. Fabbrocino, I. Iervolino and A. Di Carluccio
222 Seismic Nonstationary Random Response of Multi-Supported Structures
Y.H. Zhang, J.H. Lin and Y. Zhao
223 Fragility Based Life Cycle Loss Estimation Methodology for Critical Facilities
G.P. Cimellaro and C. Kafali
224 Simulation of the Earthquake-Induced Pounding of Seismically Isolated Buildings
P. Komodromos
225 Fuzzy Dynamic Structural Analysis of 2D Frames
P. Štemberk and J. Kruis
226 Influence of the Soil Profile Uncertainty on the Tunnel - Layered Soil Interaction Subject to Seismic Acceleration
M. Badaoui and M.K. Berrah
227 Kernel-Based Message Passing Interfaced Integrated Earthquake Simulation
M. Hassanien, J. Inoue, T. Ichimura and M. Hori
228 The Effects of Near-Field Vertical Ground Motions on Structural Response
M. Tehranizadeh and M.S. Rahim Labafzadeh
229 A Finite Element based Large Increment Method for Nonlinear Structural Dynamic Analysis
W. Barham, A.J. Aref and G.F. Dargush
230 The Longitudinal Strength and Vibration of Model Ships
C.T.F. Ross and E. James
231 Automated Multi-Level Substructuring for Nonlinear Eigenproblems
K. Elssel and H. Voss
232 Three-dimensional Structural Dynamic Analysis using Parallel Direct Time Integration Methods
J.M. Alonso and V. Hernández
233 Earthquake Engineering of the Zeceva Draga Bridge
A. Nizic, D. Mestrovic and J. Radic
234 A Seismic Vulnerability Assessment System for Bridges
P. Renault, C. Butenweg and M. Mistler
235 Dynamic Analysis of Train-Bridge Systems under Wind Action
H. Xia, W.W. Guo, N. Zhang and G.J. Sun
236 Incoherent Ground Motion in Multi-Support Dynamics of Bridges
N.A. Alexander
237 Effects of Train Speed, Load and Damping on the Dynamic Response of Railway Bridges
M. Majka and M. Hartnett
238 A Numerical Assessment of the Use of Fluid Viscous Dampers to Reduce the Resonance Response of High-Speed Railway Bridges
M.D. Martinez-Rodrigo and P. Museros
239 Dynamic Analysis of a Continuous Arch Bridge across the Yangtze River under High Speed Train Loading
N. Zhang, H. Xia and G.J. Sun
240 Vibration of Shallow Suspension Footbridges under Walking Dynamic Loads
M.-H. Huang, D.P. Thambiratnam and N.J. Perera
241 Fragility Analysis for the Bridge Control Benchmark Problem
F. Casciati, G.P. Cimellaro and M. Domaneschi
242 Time Dependent Analysis of the Movable Scaffolding System
H.G. Kwak and J.K. Son
243 To-Be Information Models for Maintenance of Concrete Highway Bridges
S. Kubota and I. Mikami
244 Development of an Information System for the Maintenance of Railway Embankments
Y. Sakamoto and Y. Itoh
245 An Evaluation of the Application of Infrared Thermography in the Diagnosis of Civil Engineering Structures
R.R. Ramlogun, B. Picoux, L. Ulmet and C. Petit
246 Dynamic Identification of RC Building No.5 of the College of Industrial Technology at Nihon University
T. Aoki, N. Yuasa, D. Sabia, D. Rivella and H. Muto
247 Identification of Structural System Parameters by Haar Wavelets
S. Basak and B. Basu
248 Model Identification of a Small-Scale Bridge using a Genetic Algorithm with Parallel Selection
J.L. Zapico, M.P. González and D.H. Bassir
249 Increasing the Performance of a Reinforced Concrete Frame Strengthened using an Innovative Procedure
L. Anania, A. Badalà, S. Costa and C. Giaquinta
250 Dam Safety Instrumentation Computer Program
R.L. Hill and L.L. Perrin
251 Collapse Settlement of a Clay Core Rockfill Dam during the First Impoundment
F. Jafarzadeh, T. Heidari and A.R. Azami
252 Inverse Analysis of an Embankment on Soft Clay using the Ensemble Kalman Filter
A. Hommels, F. Molenkamp, B. Nguyen and A.W. Heemink
253 An Elastoplastic Model for Geomaterials using the Modified Stress and Subloading Surface Concept and its Application to Bearing Capacity Problems
T. Nakai, M. Hinokio and S. Kurosaki
254 Three Dimensional Bearing Capacity Analysis of Shallow Foundations Adjacent to Slopes
A.A. Mirghasemi and A.R. Majidi
255 Impedance of Surface Footings on Layered Ground
L. Andersen and J. Clausen
256 Shear Rotation in Sub-Glacial Sediments
L.F. Gareau and F. Molenkamp
257 Numerical Studies of 3D Passive Earth Pressures Induced by the Translation of a Rigid Rough Retaining Wall
S. Benmebarek, T. Khelifa and N. Benmebarek
258 A Numerical Analysis of Seepage Failure in Stratified Soils within a Cofferdam
N. Benmebarek, S. Benmebarek and R. Kastner
259 Analysis of the Expansive Behaviour of a Cavity with a Finite Boundary
C.S. Wu, Y.S. Hong and I.J. Chen
260 Seismic Safety Evaluation of Liquefiable Embankments under a Strong Earthquake using Finite Element Approaches
C. Takahashi, F. Cai and K. Ugai
261 Experimental Investigations to Monitor Swell and Loading Responses of Expansive Soil Due to Environmental and Loading Changes
V. Mohan and A.J. Puppala
262 Computation and Validation of Rebound Characteristics of Layered Systems
U.F.A. Karim and A. Menkveld
263 Numerical Modelling for Soil Nail Pullout Behaviour
Y.S. Hong, C.S. Wu and X.Z. Chen
264 Dynamic Earth Pressures Acting on Buried Structures
G.A. Montalva and M. Van Sint Jan
265 Analysis of Upheave Failure Induced by Deep Excavation using the Finite Element Method
T.C. Kung, C.Y. Ou and Y.G. Tang
266 Evaluation of the Soil Initial Tangent Moduli (E0,G0) by the Shear Wave Propagation Method
J. Bencat
267 Numerical Simulation of the Response of a Fine Medium Sand to Torsional Loading
A. Tsomokos and V.N. Georgiannou
268 United States Capitol Visitor Centre: Diaphragm Wall Performance and Movement of the United States Capitol Building
G.A. Bonita
269 Modelling Soil Structure Interaction of Shear Wall Systems using Super Elements
M.S. Jaafar, M. Paknahad, W.A. Thanoon and J. Noorzaei
270 Response of Wind Turbines Including Soil-Structure Interaction
P.J. Murtagh, B. Basu and B.M. Broderick
271 Soil-Structure Dynamic Interaction Effects in Buried Cylindrical Concrete Structures
R.A. Izadifard and M.R. Maheri
272 Inelastic Analysis of Frame-Foundation-Soil Interaction Systems
W.A. Thanoon, J. Noorzaei, M.S. Jaafar and M.A. Al-Gorafi
273 Local Site Conditions and Seismic Design of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Y. Tsompanakis, P.N. Psarropoulos and Y. Karabatsos
274 Probability of Failure of Tunnels with Circular Cross Section: A Comparison of Methods
C. Alarcón, I. del Rey, L. Hermanns and A. Fraile
275 Numerical Analysis of Soft Rock Tunneling in the Western Taiwan Area
K.J. Shou, Y.C. Chuang and Y.C. Liu
276 Enhancing Numerically-Predicted Ground Movement Patterns due to Shield Tunnelling in Clays
T.T. Abdel-Fattah, A.Y. Akl, H.A. Hodhod and A.M. Abdel-Rahman
277 Applicability of Elastoplastic Modelling for Simulating Tunnel Excavation in Lightly Overconsolidated Clay
T.T. Abdel-Fattah, A.M. Abdel-Rahman, A.Y. Akl and H.A. Hodhod

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