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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 75
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping and Z. Bittnar

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1 Computational Database Technology for Component Mode Synthesis
M. Nyström and K. Orsborn
2 Atomistic Model for Static Equilibrium Problems
Y.W. Kwon and S. Jung
3 Area Integral of a Stress Function over a Beam Cross-Section
R. Vondrácek and Z. Bittnar
4 Development of Matrix Method Based Structural Analysis Toolbox in Matlab
Y. Arfiadi and M.N.S. Hadi
5 Sway Analysis of Spliced Pallet-Rack Structures
R.G. Beale and M.H.R. Godley
6 Analysis of Orthogonal Grillage Systems using Transfer Matrix Methods
E.S. Kameshki
7 Duality between Statical and Kinematical Engineering Systems
O. Shai
8 Derivation of Methods and Knowledge in Structures by Combinatorial Representations
N. Ta'aseh and O. Shai
9 Least Square Functionals for a Plate on an Elastic Foundation
L.G. Selna and J.M. Sun
10 An Optimal Plastic Shakedown Design
F. Giambanco, L. Palizzolo and A. Caffarelli
11 Simulation of Beam-Column Stability with Automatic Strain Incrementation
J. Szalai and F. Papp
12 Predicting the Characteristic Curve of a Spacer Grid Spring by Finite Element Analysis
S.P. Heo, K.H. Yoon and K.N. Song
13 Investigation of Effective Flange Width Formulas for T-Beams
M. Utku and A. Aygar
14 Subgrade Fatigue Life in the Cone of Disturbance after an Underground Explosion
J.W. Bull and C.H. Woodford
15 Error Estimation and p-Adaptivity Based on the Partition of Unity Method
T. Pannachet, P. Díez and H. Askes
16 Rotational Invariants in Finite Element Formulation of Three-Dimensional Beam Theories
D. Zupan and M. Saje
17 Local Gradient and Stress Recovery for Triangular Elements in Plane Elasticity
R.C.C. Silva, A.F. Loula and J.N.C. Guerreiro
18 A Rectangular Finite Element for Plane Elasticity with In-Plane Rotation
A.I. Mousa and S.M. Tayeh
19 The Finite Element Approximation for Minimal Surfaces Subject to the Plateau Problems
H. Gu
20 Fitting Strains and Displacements by Minimizing Dislocation Energy
C.A. Felippa and K.C. Park
21 Shear Lag Analysis Using Latin Hypercube Sampling
J. Zák and A. Florian
22 Representing Traction Free Boundaries using Drilling Degrees of Freedom
A.A. Groenwold, Q.Z. Xiao and N.J. Theron
23 Effects of Kinematic Inconsistency in Interface Elements
A.L.G.A. Coutinho, M.A.D. Martins and R.M. Sydenstricker
24 Displacement Finite Element Method for Couple Stress Theory
E. Providas
25 Effect of Geometry Change on the Creep Failure Life of Internally Pressurised Pipes
T.H. Hyde, W. Sun and A.A. Becker
26 Analytical Method for Elastoplastic Buckling Behaviour of H-Section Truss Elements involving Local Buckling
T. Ohtsuka and S. Motoyui
27 Inelastic Behaviour of I-Shaped Aluminium Beams
G. De Matteis, R. Landolfo, M. Manganiello and F.M. Mazzolani
28 External Stiffness Approach for Thin-Walled Frames with Elastic-Plasticity
G. Turkalj, J. Brnic and J. Prpic-Orsic
29 Non-Linear Finite Element Analyses of Sheathed Timber Diaphragms
L. Wu, U.A. Girhammar, B. Källsner and A. Moström
30 An Iterative Method for a Class of Nonlinear Large Scale (Near) Constrained Problems
M.H.B.M. Shariff
31 Symmetry in Dynamic Systems
A. Kaveh and M.A. Sayarinejad
32 Dynamic Stiffness Formulation and Free Vibration Analysis of Spinning Beams
J.R. Banerjee and H. Su
33 Convergence and Causality of the Implicit Fourier Transform
S.J. Rodrigues Júnior and F. Venâncio-Filho
34 Solution of Transient Nonlinear Structural Dynamics Problems using the Modified Iterative Group-Implicit Algorithm
Y. Dere and E.D. Sotelino
35 Dynamic Effects of High Speed Trains On Underpasses
A. Fraile, L. Hermanns, F. Chirino and E. Alarcón
36 Triply Coupled Vibrations of Thin-Walled Open Cross-Section Beams including Shear Effect
A. Arpaci, E. Bozdag and E. Sunbuloglu
37 The Coupling Effect in Biodynamic Models
G. Birlik and Ö. Sezgin
38 Dynamical Response of Steel Deck Composite Slabs with Geometric Orthotrophy Subjected to Human Rhythmic Activities
J.G.S. da Silva, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco and S.A.L. de Andrade
39 The Influence of Hertzian Spring Stiffness on the Dynamic Response of a Bridge Model
M. Majka, M. Hartnett and D. O'Dwyer
40 Analysis of the Dynamic Failure Behaviour of the Grid Structure by Lateral Impact Load
K.H. Yoon, S.P. Heo, H.S. Kang, K.N. Song and Y.H. Jung
41 Application of the Dynamic Finite Element Formulation in Flutter Analysis of Wings
S.M. Hashemi and H. Alighanbari
42 Optimum Design and Performance of Multi Tuned Mass Damper Systems
M.N.S. Hadi and Y. Arfiadi
43 A Dynamic Reanalysis Technique for Modifications of Structural Components
P. Cacciola and G. Muscolino
44 An Approach to Seismic Correction which includes Wavelet De-noising
A.A. Chanerley and N.A. Alexander
45 A Reappraisal of Time Period Formulas of Design Codes for Framed Reinforced Concrete Buildings
K.M. Amanat and E. Hoque
46 A Comparative Investigation in Linear and Non-linear Fluid Viscous Dampers for Seismic Applications
M.D. Martinez-Rodrigo and M.L. Romero
47 Seismic Response Envelopes of a Tank Supported at the Base
R.C. Barros
48 Influence of Subsoil on Tuning Base Isolation Devices for Civil Structures
A. Baratta and I. Corbi
49 Seismic Analysis of Multistory Buildings including Foundation-Soil-Foundation Interaction
H.E. Karamaneas, D.C. Rizos and D.L. Karabalis
50 Probabilistic Criterion for the Identification of Seismogenetic Areas in Seismic Risk Evaluation
A. Baratta and I. Corbi
51 Estimation of Buried Sources: A New Computational Scheme
V.K. Mathur and S.K. Agrawal
52 Application of Dynamic Models to the Detection of Imperfections in Plate Structures
A. Samartín and C. Moreno
53 Structural Assessment by Modal Analysis: Case Study of the New Algiers Airport
N. Bourahla, F. Bouriche, M. Benredouane and M. Ould-Amara
54 An Inverse Identification Method from Dynamic Tests with Measurement Uncertainties
P. Feissel, O. Allix and P. Thévenet
55 Application of the Short Crack Growth Model to Surface Pitting Simulations
Z. Ren, G. Fajdiga and S. Glodez
56 Damage Mechanics based Interface Element for the Simulation of Fracture in Concrete
M. Cuomo
57 3D Simulation of Concrete Cracking: Probabilistic Formulation in a Parallel Environment
C.N.M. Paz, L.F. Martha, E.M.R. Fairbairn, J.L.D. Alves, N.F.F. Ebecken and A.L.G.A. Coutinho
58 Fracture Analysis of Cracked Cylindrical Shells under Internal Pressure and Bending
Z. Tonkovic and J. Soric
59 Cohesive Fracture in Thermoelastic Medium: A Coupled Analysis
S. Secchi and L. Simoni
60 Application of the Extended EFG Method and Cohesive Crack Model to the Crack Growth Analysis of Concrete Structures
J. Jaskowiec and C. Cichon
61 Three-Dimensional State of Stress in Stable Tearing of Thin Wall Structures
D. Tran
62 Simulation of Fatigue Fracture of a Rubber Rail Support
D. Tran
63 Notch Concentrations under Combined Tension-Compression
D.W.A. Rees, H. Bahai and S. Taylor
64 Modelling of Nonlinear Behaviour of Masonry Structures: Phenomenological Approach
J.B. Colliat, L. Davenne and A. Ibrahimbegovic
65 Analysis of Non-Linear Soft Thin Interfaces
F. Lebon, R. Rizzoni, S. Ronel-Idrissi and C. Licht
66 A Finite Element Formulation for No-Tension Materials in Finite Deformations
M. Cuomo and M. Fagone
67 Rupture Simulation of Three Dimensional Elastoplastic Structures under Dynamic Loading
G. Leclère, A. Nême and J.Y. Cognard
68 A Numerical Method for the Solution of the Bi-Dimensional Continuous with No-Tension Material
S. Briccoli Bati and T. Rotunno
69 Hyper-Elastic Constitutive Equations of Conjugate Stresses and Strain Tensors for the Seth-Hill Strain Measures
K. Farahani and H. Bahai
70 Adaptive Analysis of Quasibrittle Failure
B. Patzák and M. Jirásek
71 Modelling of Time-Dependent Behaviour of Polycrystalline Rocks
M. Mühlbauer, J. Kruis and Z. Bittnar
72 Computational Model for Analysis of Bending Fatigue in Gears
J. Kramberger, M. Sraml, S. Glodez, J. Flasker and I. Potrc
73 The Application of Fatigue Models to Railway Bridges
R. Gallagher, D.W. O'Dwyer and M. Hartnett
74 Contact Formulation for Solid-Shell Elements undergoing Large Deformations
M. Harnau and K. Schweizerhof
75 Relaxation and Block-Relaxation Procedures for the Dual Formulation of the Signorini-Coulomb Frictional Contact
P. Bisegna, F. Lebon and F. Maceri
76 Finite Element Method Contact Simulations of CMC Brake Disk Systems for High Speed Rail Vehicles
R. Dotoli, O. Manni and L. Barone
77 Nonlinear Behaviour of the RFNS Element - Large Displacements and Rotations
D. Briassoulis
78 Initial Flexural Failure Prediction of Fibre-Reinforced Laminated Sector Mindlin Plates
M. Salehi and A.R. Sobhani
79 A Triangular Finite Element for the Study of the Post-Critical Behaviour of Shells
L. Corradi and N. Panzeri
80 Non-Linear Vibrations of Anisotropic Cylindrical Shells
M.H. Toorani and A.A. Lakis
81 Modelling of Piezoelectric Adaptive Beam, Plate and Shell Structures: Some Developments and Results
A. Benjeddou
82 A C1 Triangular Finite Element for Analyzing Multilayered Shell Structures
F. Dau, O. Polit and M. Touratier
83 Prediction of the Two-Scale Buckling Response of Sandwich Beams under In-Plane Compression
L. Léotoing, S. Drapier and A. Vautrin
84 Numerical Solution by Energy Minimization of Hyperelastic Membrane in Large Displacements and Finite Strains
R. Bouzidi and A. Le Van
85 Linear and Quadratic Potential Variation in a New Piezoelectric Eight Node Finite Element
O. Polit and I. Bruant
86 A Comparative Study for the Mechanical Behaviour of the Materials having Different Moduli in Tension and Compression
S.K. Afaq, M. Karama and S. Mistou
87 Beam and Plain Strain Finite Elements for Inflatable Fabric Membranes in Two Dimensions
J.-C. Thomas, Y. Ravaut, C. Wielgosz, R. Bouzidi
88 Simulation of Thermoplastic Composite Forming using Shells with Pinching Elements
A. Cheruet, D. Soulat, P. Boisse, M. Touratier, E. Soccard, S. Maison-Le Poec and S. Guinard
89 Dynamic Characteristics of Laminated Angle-Ply Noncircular Cylindrical Shells
H.G. Patel, B.P. Patel, M. Ganapathi and M. Touratier
90 A Unified Formulation for Multilayered Plate Elements based on PVD and RMVT
E. Carrera
91 Optimal Design of Tensile Fabric Structures
T. Nouri-Baranger and P. Trompette
92 NURBS representation of Coated Woven Fabric Behaviour
B.N. Bridgens and P.D. Gosling
93 A Holistic Design Procedure for Membrane Structures using the SCOOP Framework
K. Reimann, R. Wagner, R. Blum and M. Jentsc
94 Ultimate Load Carrying Capacity of Long-Span Steel Arch Bridges
J. Cheng, J.-J. Jiang, R.-C. Xiao and H.-F. Xiang
95 Simulation Based Design Methodology of Steel Structure Members
F. Papp
96 A Parametric Study of Steel and Composite Semi-Rigid Portal Frames
O. Brito Jr, S.A.L. de Andrade, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco, J.G.S. da Silva and L.R.O. de Lima
97 Application of an Advanced Evolutionary Strategy for the Automatic Design of Modular Steel Structures
C. Ebenau, J. Rottschaefer and G. Thierauf
98 On the Distortional Post-Buckling Behaviour of Rack-Section Cold-Formed Steel Columns
L.C. Prola and D. Camotim
99 Local Buckling, Post-Buckling and Mode Interaction Finite Element Analyses in Cold-Formed Steel Members
K. Nagahama, D. Camotim and E. Batista
100 Semi-Rigid Connections Analysis in Plane Frames
G.A. Romanholo, R. Bertolino Jr. and R.O. Rodrigues
101 Virtual Fabrication of Steel Welded Plate Girders
J. Nézo, B.H.V. Topping and L. Dunai
102 Virtual Experiments of FSW-Fabricated Aluminium Structural Elements
L.G. Vigh
103 Finite Element Modelling and Analysis of Bolted Joints of Three Dimensional Tubular Structures
L.G. Vigh and L. Dunai
104 Numerical Studies on the Ultimate Behaviour of Steel Cold-formed Purlins
A. Joó and L. Dunai
105 Finite Element Simulation of the Cyclic Behaviour of End-Plate Joints
S. Ádány and L. Dunai
106 Gaussian Segmentation of BSE Images to Assess the Porosity of Concrete
D.J. Robinson, F. Murtagh and P.A.M. Basheer
107 Elastic Degradation and Damage in Concrete following Nonlinear Equations and Loading Function
M.H.F.M. Barros, C.M. Mota Soares and R.A.F. Martins
108 Non-Linear Coupled Heat and Moisture Analysis of Concrete
M. Kulhavý and Z. Bittnar
109 Verification of Microplane Model by Means of Various Numerical Simulations
J. Nemecek, M. Ventluka and Z. Bittnar
110 Time-dependent and Materially Non-linear Analysis of Concrete Structures
J. Pencik
111 Energy Dissipating Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Members
P.G. Bakir and M.H. Boduroglu
112 Modeling of the Dynamic Behaviour of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Significant Reinforcement Slip
R. Picón, B. Vera, C. Quintero-Febres and J. Flórez-López
113 Modelling of Accordion Effect in Corrugated Steel Web with Concrete Flanges
L. Huang, H. Hikosaka and K. Komine
114 Analytical Investigations of the Effects of Tension Slab Reinforcement in Cantilever Beams
M.B.H. Emara
115 Analytical Solutions for Bending Design of RC Trapezoidal Cross Sections according to EC2 Standard
M. Skrinar
116 Collapse of a RC Structure due to Erroneous FEM Computer Controlled Design
O. Río, L. Sparowitz , P. Tanner and D. Theodossopoulos
117 Numerical Analysis of Ductility in Reinforced Concrete Beams in the CASTEM 2000
M.P. Barbosa and A.L. Gamino
118 Parametric Studies on Cyclically Loaded Exterior Beam-Column Joints
P.G. Bakir and M.H. Boduroglu
119 Adherence Analysis of Fibre-Reinforced-Polymer Strengthened RC Beams
R. Perera , M.L. Moreno and E. Alarcón
120 A Modified Algorithm for Reinforced Concrete Cross Section Integration
J.L. Bonet, P.F. Miguel, M.L. Romero and M.A. Fernandez
121 A Design Equation for Predicting the Shear Strength of Short Beams
P.G. Bakir and M.H. Boduroglu
122 Numerical Simulation of Textile-Reinforced Concrete Structures
S. Holler, C. Butenweg, S.-Y. Noh and K. Meskouris
123 Mechanical Properties of Fibre-Reinforced High Strength Concrete
M.B.H. Emara, S.F.M. Abd Elnaby, H. Amin and M.A. El-Demirdash
124 Geometrical Parameter Influence on Behaviour of Reticulated Timber Domes
D.H. Pan and U.A. Girhammar
125 The Effect of Changing Environmental Conditions on Behaviour of Glulam Beams
S. Srpcic, J. Srpcic, M. Saje and G. Turk
126 Ring Beam Stiffness Effect on Behaviour of Reticulated Timber Domes
D.H. Pan and U.A. Girhammar
127 Modelling of Adaptive Structures using Layerwise Models
J.E. Semedo Garção, C.M. Mota Soares, C.A. Mota Soares and J.N. Reddy
128 Modelling of Piezolaminated Plates using Layerwise Mixed Finite Elements
R. Garcia Lage, C.M. Mota Soares, C.A. Mota Soares and J.N. Reddy
129 Finite Element Analysis of Damaged Multilayered Composite Beams with Transverse Deformability
M. Di Sciuva and M. Gherlone
130 A Methodology to Select the Best Material Combinations and Optimally Design Composite Sandwich Cylindrical Shells for Least Mass
M. Walker and R.E. Smith
131 Composite Toroidal Pressure Hull
J. Blachut
132 The Role of Relative Permeability in Simulation of RTM Process Filling Phase
Z. Dimitrovová and S. Advani
133 Analysis of the Structural Performance of the Laminated Glass Plate and Multi-Layered Laminated Glass Plate
R.Y. Xiao and G.P.W. Chin
134 Numerical Analysis of Fatigue Damage Evolution in Composite Pipe Joints
L. Figiel and M.M. Kaminski
135 Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Composite Planar Frames with Interlayer Slip
B. Cas, F. Saje, M. Saje and I. Planinc
136 Non-Linear Analysis of Continuous Composite Beams by a Mixed Approach
A. Dall'Asta and A. Zona
137 Discrete Optimization of Two-Dimensional Laminated Composite Plate and Shell Structures
A. Muc, W. Gurba, T. Fugiel and P. Kedziora
138 Multiresolutional Homogenization Technique in Transient Heat Transfer for Unidirectional Composites
M. Kaminski
139 Homogenization of Transient Heat Transfer Problems for Some Composite Materials
M. Kaminski and M. Pawlik
140 Buckling of Long, Sandwich Cylindrical Shells under Pressure
G.A. Kardomateas and G.J. Simitses
141 Probability Concepts in Pushover Analysis
R. Torres, P. Fajfar and E. Alarcon
142 Micro-Simulation Modelling of Traffic Load on Long-Span Congested Bridges
E. O'Brien, H. Leendertz and A.A. Hayrapetova
143 An Investigation on the Importance of Train-Bridge Interaction at Resonance
P. Museros and E. Alarcón
144 Modelling Vertical Response of Railway Freight Wagons due to Track Irregularities
D.W. O'Dwyer, D.P. Hegarty and B. Basu
145 Dynamic Train-Track-Bridge Interaction on Example of the Boyne Viaduct
M. Majka, M. Hartnett, C. Bowe and D. O'Dwyer
146 Dynamic Response of Double-Track Railway Bridges
M.K. Swailem
147 Critical Loading Events for the Assessment of Medium Span Bridges
C.C. Caprani, S.A. Grave, E.J. O'Brien and A.J. O'Connor
148 Evolutionary Structural Optimisation with Fatigue Life Constraints
M. Haiba, D.C. Barton, P.C. Brooks and M.C. Levesley
149 Fully Stressed Structure Design Using Ranked BESO
C.-H. Ryu, Y.-S. Lee and C.-M. Myung
150 Multi-Objective Topology Optimization of Structures
J.F. Aguilar Madeira

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