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ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 85
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping

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1 Using Mixed Discretisation Schemes in Multi-Physics Simulation
M. Cross, T.N. Croft, D. McBride, A.K. Slone and A.J. Williams
2 Is the Whole the Sum of its Parts? - On Similarities and Differences in Discontinuous Modelling Frameworks
N. Bicanic
3 Stochastic Structural Optimisation with Quadratic Loss Functions
K. Marti
4 Mixed and Hybrid Stress Elements for Biphasic Media
J.A. Teixeira De Freitas, I.D. Moldovan and M. Toma
5 Formulation and Finite Element Implementation of Dynamically Consistent Gradient Elasticity
H. Askes, I.M. Gitman and T. Bennett
6 Computational Modelling in Spinal Biomechanics: A Combined Multi-Body Dynamics / Finite Element Approach
V. Esat and M. Acar
7 On an Inverse Problem in Soft Tissue Elastography
Z.Y. Guo and N. Bicanic
8 Aspects of Modelling and Large Scale Simulation of Arterial Walls
D. Brands, A. Klawonn, O. Rheinbach and J. Schröder
9 Investigation of an Implant for the Treatment of the Fracture of Cortical and Trabecular Bones
V.L. Kidgell, O. Hassan and Y. Feng
10 Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulations on an Idealised Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Model
S. Kelly and M. O'Rourke
11 A Combined Experimental and Numerical Investigation into Early Atherosclerosis
N.M. Quinn, A. Ivankovic and A. Karac
12 Mechanical Analysis of Bamboo Stems
A. Lengyel and E. Pintér
13 Flux-Continuous Schemes for Solving EEG Source Localization Problems
M. Pal, D. Gupta, M.G. Edwards and C.J. James
14 A Hyperelastoplastic ALE Formulation based on Spatial and Material Forces
Z. Uthman and H. Askes
15 Compact Plasticity Algorithm for Pressure-Sensitive Media
T. Li and R. Crouch
16 Drying of a Multilayer Ceramic Shell Body
Z. Harun, D.T. Gethin, R.W. Lewis and W.J. Ferguson
17 Finite Elements and Lattice Boltzmann for Heat Transfer: Compared and Combined
I.W. Haslam and R.S. Crouch
18 Finite Element Solution of Coupled Chemo-Poroelasticity
W. Pao, S.W. Wong and R.W. Lewis
19 Modelling of Transport Processes in Concrete at Elevated Temperatures
K. Kukla, C.J. Pearce, C.T. Davie and N. Bicanic
20 Thermomechanical Analysis of an Elastic-Plastic Semi-Infinite Medium in Sliding Contact with a Fractal Surface
A. Ozer and H. Sofuoglu
21 Scale Transition for Computational Homogenization
L. Kaczmarczyk, C.J. Pearce and N. Bicanic
22 Micromechanical based Model for Cementitious Composite Materials
A.D. Jefferson and T. Bennett
23 A Framework for Stochastic Micromechanics
S.C. Baxter and T.O. Williams
24 Towards Hybrid Equilibrium Elements for Microcontinua
E.A.W. Maunder and C.W. Smith
25 Some Finite Elements for Elasticity with Microstructure and Gradient Elasticity
A. Zervos
26 Towards the Micro-Structural Analysis of Open-Celled Foams through the Compaction Regime
F.J. Calvo, L. Margetts and I.M. Smith
27 An Algorithm for Statics of Dry Masonry
T. Koziara and N. Bicanic
28 Three-Dimensional Imaging Techniques for Material Characterisation
V. Bui Xuan, P. Young, G. Tabor and G. Limbert
29 Hybrid-Trefftz Elements for Cohesive Crack Propagation in Quasi-Brittle Materials
L. Kaczmarczyk and C.J. Pearce
30 Laminated Plate Modelling: Total Lagrange Formulation with Transverse Shear Strains
A.J. Shaw and P.D. Gosling
31 Comparison of Various Kinematics for the Analysis of Functionally Graded Materials Plates
E. Carrera, S. Brischetto and A. Robaldo
32 Finite Element Analysis of Composite Patch Repaired Plates with Circular Stress Raisers used for SIF Reduction
G.J. Tsamasphyros, K. Kalkanis, Th.K. Papathanassiou and C. Vrettos
33 Modular Modelling in Computational Mechanics Research
R.A. Hiley, P.D. Gosling and M. Rouainia
34 A Simple Method to Evaluate Trimming Operations on Hot Forged Blade Components
B. Lu, H. Ou and C.G. Armstrong
35 Investigation of the Traffic Flow on an Intersection using a Cellular Automaton Model
H.D. He, W.Z. Lu, A.Y.T. Leung and L.Y. Dong
36 Numerical Simulation of Spanish Bell Ringing
S. Ivorra, E. Segovia, R. Irles and F. Pallarés
37 Velocity Mapping Procedures for Tidal Stream Turbines in an Arbitrary Flow Field and the Implications on Performance Due to Non-Uniform Flow
J. Chapman, J.A.C. Orme and I. Masters
38 Smooth Finite Element Methods
S. Bordas, N.X. Hung, T. Rabczuk and N.D. Hung
39 Area Bubble Functions for Stabilization of Mixed Finite Tetrahedral Elements
R. Mahnken, I. Caylak and G. Laschet
40 A Theory of Finite Elements and Its Application
P.O. Tuominen
41 Locally Enriched Finite Elements for the Helmholtz Equation
O. Laghrouche and M.S. Mohamed
42 Follower Tension Buckling of Columns using Fourier p-elements
J. Fan and A.Y.T. Leung
43 A New Objective Function for Mesh Untangling, Smoothing, Refinement and Coarsening
X. Gu and B. Svendsen
44 Flux Continuous Finite Volume Schemes with Full Pressure Continuity
H. Zheng, M.G. Edwards and M. Pal
45 Further Research on a Self-adapt SOR Solver for Linear Equation Systems
G. Duan and A.H.C. Chan
46 Adaptive Space-Time Boundary Element Method for Three-Dimensional Scalar Wave Propagation
J.X. Zhou, T. Koziara and T.G. Davies
47 Solving Two-Dimensional Orthotropic Potential Cauchy Problems of Thin Bodies using the Boundary Element Method
H.L. Zhou, Z.W. Guan and Z.R. Niu
48 A FEM-SBFEM Coupled Method for Fully-Automatic Modelling of Cohesive Discrete Crack Propagation
Z.J. Yang and A.J. Deeks
49 First Attempts at A Posteriori Error Estimation in eXtended Finite Element Methods
S. Bordas and M. Duflot
50 Adaptive Generation of Arbitrary Grids and its Application in Finite Difference Analysis of Three-Dimensional Continua
G.M. Cocchi
51 An Enriched Meshfree Method for Multiple Cracks in Three Dimensions
T. Rabczuk, S. Bordas and G. Zi
52 A Novel Generalized Continuum Approach for Modelling Size-Scale Effects and Oriented Material Behaviour
S. Skatulla and C. Sansour
53 The Stochastic Meshless Method and the Immune Algorithm for Structural Reliability
S.H. You, X.Q. Li, Z.J. Chen and X.P. Wan
54 The Implementation of an Element by Element Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver for a Novel Multithreaded Array Processor
V. Szeremi and L. Margetts
55 Parallel Modal Analysis using Distributed Objects
B.C.P. Heng and R.I. Mackie
56 FPGA-Based Acceleration of the Three-Dimensional Finite Difference Floating Point Solution of the Laplace Equation
J. Hu, E.J.C. Stewart, S.F. Quigley and A.H.C. Chan
57 Equilibration of Configurational Forces in the Tendon Layout Optimisation of Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
S. Eurviriyanukul and H. Askes
58 Controlling Single-Node Connections in Plane and in Space
V. Pomezanski
59 Optimum Design and Sensitivity Analysis of Shallow Space Structures using an Improved Meta-Heuristic Method
A. Csébfalvi and G. Csébfalvi
60 Multi-Objective Optimization of Laminated Composite Plates Subjected to Uniform Loading using the MFD method
U. Topal
61 Large-Scale Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Viscoplastic and Fracturing Thin-Shells Subjected to Shocks and Detonations
F. Cirak, R. Deiterding and S.P. Mauch
62 A Partitioned Approach for the Solution of Three-Dimensional Time-Dependent Incompressible Fluid-Structure Interaction
C. Wood, A.J. Gil, O. Hassan and J. Bonet
63 Size Effect of Cohesive Delamination Fracture Triggered by Sandwich Skin Wrinkling
Z. Bazant and P. Grassl
64 Numerical Simulation of Large Deformation Response of Hyperelastic Fibre Reinforced Composites
Z.Y. Guo, X.Q. Peng and B. Moran
65 Collapse of Composite Tubes made from a Carbon and Glass Fibre Combination under Uniform External Pressure
C.T.F. Ross, M. Engelhardt and A.P.F. Little
66 Higher Resolution Convection Schemes for Porous Media Flow Computation on Highly Distorted Unstructured Grids
S. Lamine and M.G. Edwards
67 A Damage-Based Diffusivity Model for Moisture Transport in Cementitious Media
A.H. Al-Gadhib, W. Pao, S.W. Wong and R.W. Lewis
68 Numerical Modelling of the Required Pressures for Advancing Water to Overcome Capillary Valve Hindrance in a Lab-on-a-CD
N. Leal, G. Silva and V. Semião
69 Flow Path Simulation and Stress Analysis of a HP Bypass Valve
T.V.K. Bhanuprakash, L. Vishnuvardhan and K. Ramesh
70 A CFD Analysis of a Complete Double Entry Centrifugal Pump
R.R.G. Spence and J. Amaral-Teixeira
71 Numerical Modelling of the Impact Behaviour of High Aspect Ratio Aluminium Foam Filled Sections
F. Teixeira-Dias, V. Miranda and J. Pinho-da-Cruz
72 Effective Stress Analysis of Gravity Quay Walls under Earthquake Loading
M. Alyami, M. Rouainia and S.M. Wilkinson
73 Metal Shear Panels as an Innovative System for Seismic Upgrading of Existing RC Buildings: From Numerical Analyses to Full-Scale Experimental Tests
A. Formisano, G. De Matteis, S. Panico and F.M. Mazzolani
74 Numerical Methods for the Design of Face Worm Gears with Double-Lead Worm
A. Gessner
75 Design Charts for the Plastic General Instability of Ring-Stiffened Conical Shells under External Hydrostatic Pressure
C.T.F. Ross, A.P.F. Little, R. Allsop, C. Smith and M. Engelhardt
76 Computational Modelling of Metal-to-Metal Seals
A.D. Taft, A.W. Lees and M. Cross
77 An Approach for Shape Error Quantification in Forging Compressor Blades using FE Modelling and CMM Inspection
J. Makem, H. Ou and C.G. Armstrong
78 Coupling Methods for Modelling Nonlinear Soil-Structure Interaction
H.Z. Jahromi, B.A. Izzuddin and L. Zdravkovic
79 A Numerical Procedure for Fitting the Parameters used by the Kosugi Model to Predict Hydraulic Properties of Bi-Modal Soils
L. Jendele and M. Kutilek
80 Do Lumped-Parameter Models Provide the Correct Geometrical Damping?
L. Andersen
81 Numerical Modelling of Time-Dependent Effects in Concrete Structures
J.I. Lee and A. Scanlon
82 Modelling of the Fracture Process Zone of Concrete
P. Grassl and M. Jirásek
83 On the Modelling of Temperature Loading of Concrete using a Discrete Approach
C.J. Pearce and P. Grassl
84 A Multi-Scale based Stochastic Modelling of Discrete Elements with Rough Surfaces
J. Kato and Y.T. Feng
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