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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 80
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping and C.A. Mota Soares

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1 An Adaptive Mixed Method for Wind Field Adjustment
J.M. Cascón and L. Ferragut
2 Air Pollution Modelling using Finite Differences in a Terrain Conformal Coordinate System
N. Sanín and G. Montero
3 Prediction and Assessment of Atmospheric Influx using Geochemical Indices
M.A. Gharaibeh and D.M. Hendricks
4 A Numerical Algorithm for Solving a Multivalued Equation arising in Fire Spread Modelling
L. Ferragut, I. Asensio and S. Monedero
5 A CA-Based Model for Predicting Forest Fire Spreading
S. Hoya Whit, A. Hernández Encina, L. Hernández Encinas, A. Martín del Rey and G. Rodríguez Sánchez
6 Simulation of Thermal Outflow of Power Plants in the Huelva Estuary
A. German, M. Espino, M. Maidana and J. Blasco
7 Improved FVM for Two-Layer Shallow-Water Models: Application to the Strait of Gibraltar
M.J. Castro, J.A. García-Rodríguez, J.M. González-Vida, J. Macías and C. Parés
8 From Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations to Shallow Waters by Asymptotic Analysis
J.M. Rodríguez and R. Taboada-Vázquez
9 A Global Shallow Ice Sheet Model and its Numerical Simulation
N. Calvo, J. Durany and C. Vazquez
10 Adaptive Method for the Stefan Problem and its Application to Endoglacial Conduits
F.A. Pérez, L. Ferragut and J.M. Cascón
11 Numerical Methods for Modelling Leaching of Pollutants in Soils and Groundwater
M.I. Asensio, L. Ferragut, G. Sangalli and B. Ayuso
12 Optimization of Surface Meshes by Projections on the Plane: Applications to Environmental Problems
J.M. Escobar, G. Montero, R. Montenegro, E. Rodríguez and J.M. González-Yuste
13 Implementation of a Refinement/Derefinement Algorithm for Tetrahedral Meshes
J.M. González-Yuste, R. Montenegro, J.M. Escobar, G. Montero and E. Rodríguez
14 Incomplete Cholesky Factorizations for Transient Convection-Diffusion Problems
A. Rodríguez-Ferran and M.L. Sandoval
15 On the Resolution of Large Sparse Linear Systems of Equations Arising from Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Problem Discretization
E. Flórez, M.D. García, G. Montero and A. Suárez
16 Alternative Mesh Optimization for h-Adaptive Procedures in Practical 3D Analysis
E. Bellenger and P. Coorevits
17 An Algorithm for Three-Dimensional Constrained Delaunay Tetrahedralizations
H. Si and K. Gärtner
18 Triangulation of 3D Surfaces Described by Stereolithography Files
D. Rypl and Z. Bittnar
19 MOAA and Topology Optimization for Mesh Construction
W. Cheng, A.G. Sorguc, J. Shinoda and I. Hagiwara
20 Improving Surface Meshes using Adaptive Refinement
P. Laug and H. Borouchaki
21 Simplifying Improvements to the Paving Algorithm
A. Dixit
22 Anisotropic Quadrilateral Meshing: An Indirect Approach
D. Merhof, R. Grosso and U. Tremel
23 A Web-Based Mesh Generation Tool
W.G. Ferreira and M.L. Bittencourt
24 Topologic Operators Incorporating Conformity Constraints for Free-Form Surface Meshes
D. Lovinfosse, F. Noël and J.-C. Leon
25 Fluid-Structure Coupled Analysis of a Mixing Vessel
M. Vesenjak, Z. Ren and M. Hribersek
26 A General Purpose Modular Computational Platform for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
G. Pedro, A. Suleman and N. Djilali
27 Application of Corotational Theory to Nonlinear Aeroelasticity
A. Relvas and A. Suleman
28 Flow Induced Vibration of a Flexible Filament
C.P. Pagwiwoko, T. David and E. Van Houten
29 Stochastic Stability of Fluid-Structure Coupled Systems with Multiplicative and Additive Noise: Application to Airfoil Flutter
I. Zentner and F. Poirion
30 Identification of a 3D Shape from a 2D Design: Application to a Swimming Monofin
M.A. Luerse, R. Le Riche and D. Lemosse
31 The Effect of Random Loads on Hydrodynamic Pressures
A. Bayraktar and E. Hançer
32 Vibration Analysis of a Non-uniform Rectangular Plate in Contact with Fluid
M-F. Liu
33 Coupled Fluid-Structure Simulation of a Coriolis Flowmeter
N. Mole, G. Bobovnik, J. Kutin, B. ¬Štok and I. Bajsic
34 Fluid-Elastic Beam Coupled Eigenvalue Analysis using the BE-FE Combined Method
Y. Kawakami, R. Endo and N. Tosaka
35 An Approach to Modeling Safety
J.W. Duane, J. Gozon and F.C. Hadipriono
36 Safety Evaluation on Concreting Operations using Fuzzy Logic
C.C. Huang, F.C. Hadipriono and J.W. Duane
37 Worker Safety during the Deconstruction Process
M. Manohar, J.W. Duane, F.C. Hadipriono and D.W. Schafer
38 Assessment of Causes of Building Collapse using Fuzzy Regression Analysis
N.F. Pan, F.C. Hadipriono and J.W. Duane
39 Assessing Reliability of Construction Systems using Failure Possibilities
N.F. Pan, C.C. Tseng, F.C. Hadipriono and J.W. Duane
40 Safety in the Demobilization and Early Occupancy of High-Rise Buildings
H.C. Tseng, N.S. Al-Kaabi, F.C. Hadipriono and J.W. Duane
41 A Heuristic Approach toward Safety Control
C.C. Tseng, F.C. Hadipriono, N.F. Pan and J.W. Duane
42 A Fuzzy Logic Approach for the Evaluation of a Firm's Safety Plan
N.S. Al-Kaabi, F.C. Hadipriono and J.W. Duane
43 Safety Implementation Software for the Grouting Industry
K.R. Al-labadi, J.W. Duane and F.C. Hadipriono
44 Software to Capture Knowledge of Vulnerability to PDEs
M. Manohar, F.C. Hadipriono and J.W. Duane
45 An Advisory System to Minimize Construction Interference with Gas Pipelines
N.S. Al-Kaabi, F.C. Hadipriono, H.C. Tseng, J.W. Duane and J. Gozon
46 Influence of Geometric Simplifications on the Accuracy of Finite Element Computation
P.M. Marin
47 A Multi-Level Platform to Enhance Interoperability in the AEC Industry
F. Farinha, R. Jardim-Goncalves and A. Garção
48 A Shape Model using Non-Linear Dynamics for the Shape Design of the Complex and Minute Structure of Products
K. Sakita and M. Igoshi
49 Computer Aided Layout Optimisation Model for Minimizing Traffic Volume
M.A. Saif and M.H. Imam
50 Planning Design Construction using Virtual Reality Technology: A Didactic Model
A.Z. Sampaio, P.G. Henriques and P.S. Ferreira
51 The Scope in the INTELCITIES Project for the Use of the 3D Laser Scanner
Y. Arayici, A. Hamilton, P. Gamito and G. Albergaria
52 Web Services for Finite Element Analysis
M. Dolenc
53 Fundamental Research on a System for Extracting Attributes of a Digital Map using Natural-Language Processing
K. Monobe, S. Tanaka and H. Furuta
54 OOFEM: An Object Oriented Framework for Finite Element Analysis
B. Patzák and Z. Bittnar
55 Object-Oriented Visualization of Solids Analyzed by the Boundary Element Method
R.M. Müller and P.A. Pagliosa
56 A Reflective Component Framework for a Large Scale Simulation Software
H. Hadler, M. Kellner and R. Grosso
57 On the Cyclic Preconditioning Matrix Constructions
B. Kiss
58 A Collocation Type Implicit Taylor Series Algorithm for ODE Initial Value Problems
G. Molnárka and E. Miletics
59 Numerical Modelling of a Gravity Settler in Dynamic Conditions
E.F. Gomes, C.M.N. Madureira, M.M.L. Guimarães and L.M. Ribeiro
60 A New Exact Algorithm for the Maximum-Weight Clique Problem Based on a Heuristic Vertex-Colouring and a Backtrack Search
D. Kumlander
61 Realisations of a Graph into Rectangles Covering a Rectangle: Building Floor Plan Design
A. Recuero, O. Río and M. Alvarez
62 Buckling Load of Frames using Graph Symmetry
A. Kaveh and B. Salimbahrami
63 Loglogistic Modelling of Municipal Water Demands
T.T. Tanyimboh, S. Surendran and D. Naga
64 A New Nodal Outflow Function for Water Distribution Networks
T.T. Tanyimboh and A.B. Templeman
65 A Randomized Rate-Based Scheduling Algorithm for Uncertain Environments
L. Lo Bello, K. Kim, S.L. Min and O. Mirabella
66 Hydraulically Predictable Water Distribution Networks
T.T. Tanyimboh and Y. Setiadi
67 The Creation of a Gas-Liquid Nozzle with Predictable Behaviour
A.V. Karpyshev, A.V. Tsipenko and A.A. Yakovlev
68 Line Elements for the Multiphysics Modeling of Axispherical Bodies
D.W. Wood, Z.C. Lai, C.S. Long, S. Kok and A.A. Groenwold
69 Numerical Simulation of the Enthalpy Method for Stefan Problems using the Space-Time Conservation Element and Solution Element Method
A. Ayasoufi, T.G. Keith and R.K. Rahmani
70 Computational Simulation of Gas Flow and Heat Transfer near an Immersed Object in Fluidised Beds
L.X. Kong, W.M. Gao and P.D. Hodgson
71 A Comparison of Finite Element and Finite Volume Methods for Computational Structural Mechanics and their Application in Multi-Physics Problems
A.K. Slone and M. Cross
72 Computational Simulation of Heat Transfer from Alternant Heating Sources
W.M. Gao, L.X. Kong and P.D. Hodgson
73 Efficient Simulations of Conjugate Heat Transfer
N. Zhang and L. Zhang
74 A Methodology for Sensitivity Determination Applied to Thermo-Mechanical Problems in Pressure Die Casting
K. Davey, L.D. Clark and M.T. Alonso Rasgado
75 Anisotropic Elastoplastic Behaviour Fully Coupled with Isotropic Ductile Damage for Sheet Metal Forming
M. Khelifa, N. Belamri, K. Saanouni and A. Cherouat
76 Analysis of Metal Forming using a Shifted ICCG Algorithm
Z.Y. Jiang and A.K. Tieu
77 A Solution to Rigid-Plastic Deformation Problems using the Hybrid Element Method
Y.-M. Guo, Y. Yokouchi and K. Nakanishi
78 Numerical Simulation of Multi-Step Deep-Drawing Processes: Trimming 3D Solid Finite Element Meshes
A.J. Baptista, J.L. Alves, M.C. Oliveira, D.M. Rodrigues and
79 Adaptive Remeshing for the Stamping Process
L. Giraud-Moreau, H. Borouchaki and A. Cherouat
80 Damage Effect in Metal Forming Processes using Adaptive Remeshing
A. Cherouat, H. Borouchaki, P. Laug and K. Saanouni
81 Simulation of Tubular Hydroforming
R.M. Natal Jorge, A.P. Roque, M.P.L. Parente, R.A. Fontes Valente and A.A. Fernandes
82 Comparison of the CVP and the SIMPLE Methods for Solving Internal Incompressible Flows
P.K. Papadopoulos and P.M. Hatzikonstantinou
83 The Experimental Verification of the Air Flow Simulation
A. Strukelj and M. Pipenbaher
84 Axi-Symmetric Supersonic Ejector for High Exit Pressure
N. Kameda, E. Spiegler and M. Wolfshtein
85 Moving-Grid Finite-Volume Method for Predicting Unsteady Flows in Rivers with Changing Boundary Shape
K. Matsuno and K. Yamano
86 A Numerical Study of a Static Mixer's Performance for a Variety of Flow Conditions
R.K. Rahmani, T.G. Keith and A. Ayasoufi
87 Numerical Simulations of Three-Dimensional Natural Convection Phenomena by a Higher-Order Interpolation Scheme
N. Tosaka and T. Akimoto
88 Parallel Implementation for Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow using OpenMP
H.V. Truong and J.C. Wells
89 Domain Decomposition Methods: .NET, Objects, Elements and Algorithms
R.I. Mackie
90 Data Structures for Distributed Matrix Computations on Non-Conventional Finite Element Models
I. Cismasiu and J.P. Moitinho de Almeida
91 Application of the FETI Domain Decomposition Method to Semi-coercive Contact Problems
J. Dobiᬚ, S. Pták, Z. Dostál and V. Vondrák
92 Integrating HPC and Grid Computing for 3D Structural Analysis of Large Buildings
J.M. Alonso, C. Alfonso, G. Garcia and V. Hernandez
93 Optimisation of Partitioning for Parallel Flow Simulation on Block Structured Grids
D.C. Sternel, D. Junglas, A. Martin and M. Schaefer
94 Optimal Design of Scissor-link Foldable Structures using Genetic Algorithms
A. Kaveh and S. Shojaee
95 Evolutionary Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Structures: A Review
M. Lep¬š
96 A Genetic Evolution Algorithm for Structural Optimization
K.A. Bani-Hani and A.T. Obaidat
97 On Shape Optimization using Particle Swarms and an Unstructured Remeshing Strategy
D.N. Wilke, S. Kok and A.A. Groenwold
98 Assembly Synthesis for Stiffness, Dimensional Adjustability and Manufacturability
N. Lyu, B. Lee and K. Saitou
99 Stacking Sequence Design of a Composite Wing under Random Gusts using a Genetic Algorithm
T.U. Kim, J.W. Shin and I.H. Hwang
100 Design and Optimization of Ultrasonic Broadband Sparse Array Transducers using Genetic Algorithms
Q.B. Wang and N.Q. Guo
101 Multiobjective Optimization Algorithms using Evolution Strategy
T.Y. Chen and Y.S. Hsu
102 Interpretation of Failure of Soils under Triaxial Compression and Extension
Y. Yamakawa, T. Kamikubo, K. Satoh and K. Ikeda
103 Application of Genetic Algorithms to Mining Simulations for Grade Adjustment in Open-pit Mines
Y. Ohnishi, T. Ito, M. Hirokane and H. Furuta
104 Structural Design of Frame Structures by means of a Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
T. Takada and K. Matsushima
105 Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms for solving Multi Objective Optimisation Problems
B. Ait Brik, N. Bouhaddi and S. Cogan
106 STEP/EXPRESS Conceptual Information Models as Schemas in Database Systems
H. Johansson and K. Orsborn
107 Repair Rule Generation for Bridge Maintenance using a Classifier System
H. Furuta, Y. Shioyama and M. Hirokane
108 Collaborative Environments for Construction Knowledge Management
T.P. Williams
109 DEMAREC-EXPERT: A Computer Integrated Knowledge System for Diagnosing Distress in Concrete Structures
F. Moodi
110 Construction Equipment Selection
N. Eldin, J. Mayfield, C. Hubach and A. Laurence
111 Computer Simulation Prototype for analysing Site Accessibility Issues
D.K.H. Chua and E.S.Y. Low
112 Application of Industry Foundation Classes for Intermediate Function Analysis
Y.B. Song and D.K.H. Chua
113 Obtaining the Geotextile Pore Size Distribution Curve using Image Analysis
D.C. Urashima and C.H. Martins
114 Stochastic Seismic Investigation of Heterogeneous Soil Profile having Uncertain Depth
M. Badaoui, A. Nour, A. Slimani and M.K. Berra
115 Two-Dimensional Layout Optimisation of Pile Foundations
B. Horowitz
116 Numerical Simulation of Propagating Liquefied Soils, Modelled as Viscoplastic Materials
S. Montassar and P. de Buhan
117 Development of a Computational Tool for the Analysis and Design of Soil Structures Reinforced with Stiff Linear Inclusions
G. Hassen and P. de Buhan
118 Coupled Modelling of Shear Damage in Subsoil using the FEM and Finite Differences
P.P. Procházka, N. Starikov and J. Trcková
119 Comparative Studies on Design Methods for Multi-Propped Retaining Walls
V.N. Georgiannou, I.D. Lefas and S. Sarl
120 Numerical Modelling of a Backfilled Drift in a Waste Repository
A. Pudewills
121 Investigation of the Anchorage Head Characteristics
A. Ivanovic
122 Numerical and Physical Modelling of the Uplift Behaviour of Strip Anchors in Cohesionless Soil
E.A. Dickin and M. Laman
123 A Finite Element Model for Rockburst Prediction
S.K. Sharan
124 An Alternative BEM Formulation for Pile/Layered Soil Interaction
V.S. Almeida and J.B. Paiva
125 Pile Group Effects in Seismic Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction
D.M. Chu and K.Z. Truman
126 A Hypoplastic Model for Soil-Structure Interface Behaviour
S. Gutjahr
127 Building Response to Tunneling for the Metro in Salvador, Brazil
S.B. Foá, I. Chissolucombe and A.P. Assis
128 An Object-Oriented Pre/Post Processor for a FEM-based Pavement Study
H. Fang, A.J. Hand, J.E. Haddoc and T.D. White
129 Development of Pavement Performance Models using Fuzzy Systems
E.D. Loukeri and A.P. Chassiakos
130 The Influence of the Structural Calculation Method and the Model on Pavement Design
C. Vale and A. Sousa-Melo
131 On Training Sample Selection for Artificial Neural Networks using Number-Theoretic Methods
F. Tong and X.L. Liu
132 Rock Strength Properties Prediction using a Neural Network Approach
G.S. Terra and N.F.F. Ebecken
133 Critical Load Prediction of Steel Compression Members using Neural Networks
D. Honfi and L. Dunai
134 Neural Networks for Supplementing Tidal-Level Records
C.P. Tsai and T.L. Lee
135 Neural Modelling Based Identification of Structural Parameters of Multistorey Shear Buildings
S. Chakraverty
136 Optimum Design of Structures against Earthquakes using Discrete Wavelet Neural Networks
E. Salajegheh and A. Heidari
137 Polynomial Neuro-Fuzzy System for the Approximation of Concrete Compressive Strength
M.H. Fazel Zarandi, J. Sobhani and A.A. Ramezanianpour
138 Application of an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy System in the Prediction of HPC Compressive Strength
A.A. Ramezanianpour and J. Sobhani and M. Sobhani
139 A Study of Pipe Interacting Corrosion Defects using the FEM and Neural Networks
R.C.C. Silva, J.N.C. Guerreiro and A.F.D. Loula
140 Modeling Mass Concrete Properties with Neural Networks
A.A. Ramezanianpour, M. Haghani and A.A. Mortezazadeh
141 Development of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Models for Ravelling
M. Miradi
142 Application of General Regression Neural Networks (GRNNs) in Assessing Liquefaction Susceptibility
H.K. Amin, K.M. ElZahaby and A.E. Abdel-Salam
143 The Use of Artificial Neural Networks in the Assessment of Soil Replacement
K.M. ElZahaby and H.K. Amin
144 Estimation of the Young's Modulus of a Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube using Cellular Automata
J. Ryoo, P. Hajela and N. Koratkar
145 A Flexible and Extendible Compiler for Complex Systems Simulation by means of a Cellular Automata Network
C.R. Calidonna and M. Mango Furnari

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