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International Journal of Railway Technology
ISSN 2049-5358
IJRT, Volume 4, Issue 2, 2015
Special Issue: "Railway Track Science and Engineering International Workshop Ballast: Issues & Challenges"
Editor: J. Pombo, Guest Editors: J. Pombo and O. Laghrouche

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Evolution of Railway Track Settlement after Ballast Tamping,
O. Peltokangas and A. Nurmikolu
Analysis of Ballast Transport in the Event of Overflowing of the Drainage System on High Speed Lines,
J. Amblard, C. Pams Capoccioni, D. Nivon, L. Mellal, G. De Cesare, T. Ghilardi, M. Jafarnejad and E. Battisacco
Measuring the Area and Number of Ballast Particle Contacts at Sleeper-Ballast and Ballast-Subgrade Interfaces,
T. Abadi, L. Le Pen, A. Zervos and W. Powrie
Finite Element-Discrete Element Coupling Strategies for the Modelling of Ballast-Soil Interaction,
P. Taforel, M. Renouf, F. Dubois and C. Voivret
Investigation of Flooding Effect on Railway Track Performance,
M.M. Hasnayn, G.M. Medero and P.K. Woodward

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