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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 111
Edited by: P. Iványi, B.H.V. Topping and G. Várady

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Scalable Algorithm Development and Supercomputing for Industry: Special Session organised by: Prof. T. Kozubek
1 Comparison of Intel Xeon Phi Offload Runtimes
L. Maly, J. Zapletal, M. Merta, L. Riha and V. Vondrak
2 Using Discrete Mathematics to Optimize Parallelism in Boundary Element Method
M. Kravcenko, M. Merta and J. Zapletal
3 Evaluation of the HPC Applications Dynamic Behavior in Terms of Energy Consumption
O. Vysocky, M. Beseda, L. Riha, J. Zapletal, V. Nikl, M. Lysaght and V. Kannan
4 Speed up of Volumetric Non-local Transform-Domain Filter
P. Strakos, M. Jaros and T. Karasek
5 HTFETI Method for Non-symmetric Problems
A. Markopoulos, R. Kucera, T. Brzobohaty, L. Riha, O. Meca, V. Ryska and T. Kozubek
6 First Principles Modelling of Thermodynamical Properties
R. Cosic, M. Mrovec, A. Vitek and R. Kalus
7 A Path-following Algorithm for Parallel Solving of the Stokes Problem with the Stick-slip Boundary Condition
M. Jarosova, R. Kucera and V. Satek
Domain Decomposition Methods: Theory, Implementation and Application: Special Session organised by: Prof. J. Kruis and Dr. D. Horak
8 Projector-less TFETI for Contact Problems: Preliminary Results
D. Horak, Z. Dostal, V. Hapla, J. Kruzik, R. Sojka and M. Cermak
9 Wavelet Based Deflation of Conjugate Gradient Method
J. Kruzik and D. Horak
10 Parallelization of Fatigue Damage Calculation
J. Tomcala, M. Pecha and J. Papuga
11 Identifying the Ductile Fracture in Steel Materials via Lloyd Type Algorithms
M. Pecha and P. Skalny
12 Processor Farming in Two-level Analysis of Historical Bridge
T. Krejci, J. Kruis, T. Koudelka and M. Sejnoha
13 Domain Decomposition Methods with Nonlinear Localization: Influence of the Decomposition Choice on the Results
J. Hinojosa, K. Saavedra, E. Saavedra Flores and G. Pincheira
Porting Scientific Applications to Clouds: Special Session organised by: Prof. P. Kacsuk
14 Orchestrating Federated Clouds by Occopus
J. Kovacs, P. Kacsuk and Z. Farkas
15 Cloud Agnostic Orchestration for Big Data Research Platforms
R. Lovas, E. Nagy and J. Kovacs
16 Parallel Simulation of the Aortic Valve Flows on the OpenStack Cloud
M. Staskuniene, A. Kaceniauskas, V. Starikovicius, A. Maknickas, E. Stupak and R. Pacevic
17 Testing Performance of Application Containers in the Cloud with HPC Loads
N. Muhtaroglu, B. Kolcu and I. Ari
18 A Novel Intrusion Detection System for Pervasive Cloud Services
L. Sellami, D. Idoughi, K. Sellami and P. F. Tiako
Parallel Simulation
19 Simulation of the Flow around an Oscillating Cylinder with Adaptive Lattice Boltzmann Methods
C. Laloglu and R. Deiterding
20 A Parallel Method for the Solution of Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems
V. Partimbene, T. Garcia, P. Spiteri, P. Marthon and L. Ratsifandrihana
22 Parallel Simulation of Steel Solidification
G. Khenniche, T. Garcia and P. Spiteri
23 Parallel Performance of Abaqus Software for Simulation of Fretting Fatigue
M. Depolli, R. Trobec, G. Kosec, K. Pereira, M. Abdel Wahab, S. Tomar and S.P. Bordas
24 Towards a Flexible Cell-based Framework for Parallel Scale-Bridging Simulations in Materials Science: a First Case Study
C. Teijeiro, H. Ganesan, R. Halver, W. Homberg and G. Sutmann
Parallel Optimization
25 Parallelization of Reliability-based Design Optimization using Surrogates
A. Hlobilova and M. Leps
26 Calibrating a Traffic Flow Model with Parallel Differential Evolution
G.A. Strofylas, K.N. Porfyri, I.K. Nikolos, A.I. Delis and M. Papageorgiou
27 Preliminary Optimization of Pipe-Z Reconfiguration
M. Zawidzki and J. Szklarski
28 Single-branch Truss-Z Optimization Based on Image Processing and Evolution Strategy
M. Zawidzki and J. Szklarski
29 Discrete Optimization and Initial Value Problem for System of Ordinary Differential Equations
S. Szabó; and B. Zaválnij
Parallel Numerical Methods
30 Parallelization of Numerical Examination of Nonlinear Systems using Maple
F. Hajdu and Gy. Molnárka
31 A Hybrid Software Solution for the Harmonic Coupled Finite Strip Method Characteristic Equations
P. Maric, D.D. Mila¬šinovic, D. Gole¬š, ¬é. ¬éivanov and M. Hajdukovic
32 Parallel Computation of PageRank using Two-Stage Methods
H. Migallon, V. Migallon and J. Penades
Many-Core Programming
33 A Massively-Parallel Multicore Acceleration of a Point Contact Solid Mechanics Simulation
M. Kolman and G. Kosec
34 Parallel Implementation of Dynamical Particle System for CUDA
J. Masek and M. Vorechovsky
35 Parallel Implementation of Dynamic Relaxation with CUDA
P. Iványi
OpenMP Programming
36 Performance Evaluation of a Finite Element Code Parallelized with OpenMP
S. Jin, S.E. Oh and J.W. Hong
37 Implementation of Parallel Computations on 3-D Enriched Finite Elements Used for Fracture Analyses
M.F. Yaren and A.O. Ayhan
MPI Programming
38 Exploiting Functional Directives to Achieve MPI Parallelization
D. Rubio Bonilla and C.W. Glass
39 JACK2: A New High-Level Communication Library for Parallel Iterative Methods
G. Gbikpi-Benissan and F. Magoulès
40 Fortran coarray/MPIMulti-Scale CAFE for Fracture in Heterogeneous Materials
A. Shterenlikht, L. Margetts and L. Cebamanos
Parallel Video Encoding
41 Heterogeneous Parallel Approaches for HEVC Encoder
H. Migallón, O. López-Granado, V. Galiano, P. Piñol, M. Martinez-Rach and M.P. Malumbres
42 Hybrid Computing for Intra Prediction in HEVC
V. Galiano, V. Herranz, H. Migallon, O. Lopez-Granado, P. Piñol and M.P. Malumbres
BIM and High Performance Computing
43 Open BIM Enabled Energy-Efficient Building Design and Simulation
M. Dolenc and R. Klinc
44 BIM-based Model Generation and High Performance Simulation of Soil-Structure Interaction in Mechanized Tunnelling
H.G. Bui, A. Alsahly, J. Ninic and G. Meschke
Mesh Adaptation
45 Evaluation of Multiresolution Mesh Adaptation Criteria in the AMROC Framework
R. Deiterding and M.O. Domingues

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