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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 56
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping
Paper XI.1

Numerical Modelling of Granular Foundations using Two Different Stress Correction Algorithms

P.K. Woodward

Department of Civil and Offshore Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Full Bibliographic Reference for this paper
P.K. Woodward, "Numerical Modelling of Granular Foundations using Two Different Stress Correction Algorithms", in B.H.V. Topping, (Editor), "Advances in Civil and Structural Engineering Computing for Practice", Civil-Comp Press, Edinburgh, UK, pp 383-391, 1998. doi:10.4203/ccp.56.11.1
Traditionally the analysis of footings on the surface of granular soils has been one of the most difficult finite element simulations to be attempted. This is particularly noticeable by a general lack of published work in foundation analysis using finite elements in the literature, especially for 'rough' footing situated on granular soils with angles of friction greater than 35 degrees. This paper first discusses, in general terms, the implementation of a kinematic soil model into a general finite element program for the simulation of granular foundation behaviour and then demonstrates the ability of the program to compute the bearing failure of a rough circular foundation on real soil. Two stress correction techniques are discussed with regards to the development of large shear stresses close to the footing edge at low mean stresses and two different methods are applied to compute the bearing capacity.

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