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International Journal of Railway Technology
ISSN 2049-5358
IJRT, Volume 2, Issue 2, 2013
Editor: J. Pombo

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Novel Stability Theory based on Absorbing-Band Anti-Hunting Mechanism of High-Speed Bogies,
M.W. Piao, S.L. Liang, H.L. Wei, J. Fang and W.Z. Zhao
An Analytical Study of Derailed Vehicle Motion from Wheel-Sleeper Impacts,
H. Sunami, Y. Termichi and M. Adachi
Concepts and Simulated Testing of Active Railway-Wheels,
P. Lorsch, S. Algermissen and M. Sinapius
A Framework for the Evaluation of the Performance of Railway Networks,
M. Lu, G.L. Nicholson, F. Schmid, L. Dai, L. Chen and C. Roberts
Information Logistics for Maintenance of Railway Signalling Systems: A Case Study,
A. Morant, R. Karim and P.-O. Larsson-Kråik

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