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International Journal of Railway Technology
ISSN 2049-5358
IJRT, Volume 1, Issue 1, 2012
Special Issue: "Railways 2012: The First International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance"
Editor: J. Pombo

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Preliminaries and Editorial  
Next Generation Unconventional Trucks and Wheel-Rail Interfaces for Railways,
Y. Suda, Y. Michitsuji and H. Sugiyama
The Dynamics of High-Speed Railway Bridges: A Review of Design Issues and New Research for Lateral Dynamics,
J.M. Goicolea and P. Antolin
Active Control in Railway Vehicles,
R.M. Goodall, S. Bruni and A. Facchinetti
Dynamic Effects Induced by High Speed Traffic on Rail Bridges,
R. Delgado and R. Calçada
Breaking the Ground Speed Barriers for Ultra-Speed Trains: Rayleigh Ground Wave Modelling and Mitigation,
P.K. Woodward, A. El-Kacimi, O. Laghrouche and G. Medero
Damage to Railway Wheels and Rails: A Review of the Causes, Prediction Methods, Reduction and Allocation of Costs,
S.D. Iwnicki and A.J. Bevan
The Dynamics of Foundations for High Speed Lines on Soft Soils,
P. Hölscher
Tribology of the Wheel-Rail Contact: The Effect of Third Body Materials,
R. Lewis, R.S. Dwyer-Joyce, S.R. Lewis, C. Hardwick and E.A. Gallardo-Hernandez
Track Stabilisation with Geosynthetics and Geodrains, and Performance Verification through Field Monitoring and Numerical Modelling,
B. Indraratna, S. Nimbalkar and C. Rujikiatkamjorn
Application of Absolute Nodal Coordinate Formulation Geometry to Railroad Vehicle System Dynamics,
A.A. Shabana
Wayside Train Monitoring Systems: A State-of-the-Art and Running Safety Implications,
A. Bracciali
Recent Developments in Pantograph-Catenary Interaction Modelling and Analysis,
J. Ambrósio, J. Pombo, M. Pereira, P. Antunes and A. Mósca

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