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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 112
Edited by: P. Iványi and B.H.V. Topping

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Invited Lecture
1 High Performance Computing and Machine Learning
M.M. Resch
Special Session: Application of Parallel Computing in Civil Engineering Problems, Organised by: Dr. J. Brozovsky
2 Numerical investigation of soil-structure interaction
R. Cajka, Z. Neuwirthova and J. Brozovsky
3 Structural reliability computations with the use of the DOProC method and parallel processing
J. Koktan, M. Krejsa, J. Brozovsky and P. Janas
4 Automated parallel and distributed computation of finite element equations with Python descriptors and DASK framework
M. Yilmaz
5 Speed-up in chloride ingress analysis
P. Konecny, P. Lehner and J. Brozovsky
6 Autonomous hybrid-parallel computing model for explicit integration regarding impact problems
V. Rek
7 Parallel RBF-FD solution of the Boussinesq's problem
G. Kosec and J. Slak
8 Aerodynamic characteristics study on high speed train based on an efficient parallel CFD solver
S. Ding, D. Chen and G. Zheng
9 Simulating train-tunnel aerodynamics with a parallel adaptive Cartesian method
R. Deiterding and J.M. Garro Fernandez
10 Numerical analysis of flow around cylinder in critical and subcritical regime
V. Michalcová, I. Kolos; and L. Lausová
11 Parallel multiscale simulation of hypersonic flow with porous wall injection
A. Cerminara, R. Deiterding and N. Sandham
12 Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for water wave generation
S. Lee, J.W. Jung, K. Ko and J.W. Hong
13 Impact risk assessment of small unmanned aerial vehicles
Y. Choi, J.W. Jung, S.E. Lee and J.W. Hong
Special Session: Asynchronism in Parallel Computation Organised by: Prof. P. Spiteri and Prof. F. Magoules
14 Synthetic presentation of iterative asynchronous parallel algorithms
P. Spiteri
15 Asynchronous parallel multi-splitting mixed methods
P. Spiteri, L. Ziane-Khodja and R. Couturier
16 An update on the topological and ergodic properties of asynchronous iterations
C. Guyeux
17 Distributed asynchronous convergence detection without detection protocol
G. Gbikpi-Benissan and F. Magoules
Special Session: Domain Decomposition Methods: Theory, Implementation and Application Organised by: Prof. J. Kruis
18 Choosing optimal expansion step-length of MPRGP algorithm
D. Horak, J. Kruzik, M. Pecha, V. Hapla and M. Cermak
19 Domain decomposition methods in special geotechnical problems
J. Kruis and T. Koudelka
20 A parallel mesh refinement process tailored to domain decomposition methods
C. Bovet, O. Ciobanu, A. Parret-Freaud and V. Chiaruttini
21 Parallel preprocessing with subdomain's shape control for domain decomposition methods
Y. El Gharbi, P. Gosselet, A. Parret-Fréaud and C. Bovet
22 Performance Modeling the HTFETI solver implementation in the ESPRESO Library
M. Beseda, L. Riha, A. Markopoulos and P. Strakos
Special Session: GPU Computing for Engineering Analysis, Simulation and Design Organised by: Prof. F. Magoules
23 Performance evaluation of various discrete element models implemented on GPU
A. Kaceniauskas and R. Pacevic
24 Memory saving GPU implementation of contact search for the discrete element method
R. Pacevic, A. Kaceniauskas, R. Kacianauskas and R. Barauskas
Special Session: Parallelizing Machine Learning on Clouds Organised by: Prof. P. Kacsuk
25 Distributed training and evaluation of projection-based descriptors in Siamese Neural Networks
G. Kertész, S. Szénási and Z. Vámossy
26 Automatic, cloud-independent, scalable Spark cluster deployment in cloud
E. Nagy, Á. Hajnal, I. Pintye and P. Kacsuk
Image Processing using HPC
27 Parallel hybrid algorithm for speckle noise reduction in ultrasound images
J. Arnal and I. Mayzel
28 Hybrid small size high performance computing resource for medical image analysis
L. Kovács, P. Strakos, M. Jaros, R. Kovács, A. Kovács-Sós, T. Karasek and A. Hajdu
29 Evaluation of FPGA-based motion estimation module for HEVC video coding standard
O. López, R. Gutierrez, E. Alcocer, V. Galiano, H. Migallon, G. Van Wallendael and M.P. Malumbres
30 Photogrammetry on low resolution thermal pictures
A. Molnar, I. Lovas and Z. Domozi
Solution Techniques for HPC
31 Parallel iterative methods with retards for linear systems
Q. Zou and F. Magoules
Energy Consumption and Performance
32 Energy consumption evaluation of Blender's image renderer in HPC environment
M. Jaros, O. Vysocky, P. Strakos and M. Spetko
33 Fine-grained application tuning on OpenPOWER HPC systems
L. Riha, A. Bartolini and O. Vysocky
34 Performance evaluation of massively parallel communication sessions
Z. Gál, I. Varga, T. Tajti, G. Kocsis, Z. Langmajer, M. Kosa and J. Panovics

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