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CCP: 106
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Paper 34

Two Layer Model of Functionally Graded Plate with Varying Poisson's Ratio

D. Kennedy, S. Wei and F.J. Alcazar Arevalo

Cardiff School of Engineering, Cardiff University, United Kingdom

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D. Kennedy, S. Wei, F.J. Alcazar Arevalo, "Two Layer Model of Functionally Graded Plate with Varying Poisson's Ratio", in , (Editors), "Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Computational Structures Technology", Civil-Comp Press, Stirlingshire, UK, Paper 34, 2014. doi:10.4203/ccp.106.34
Keywords: functionally graded, plates, vibration, dynamic stiffness, Wittrick-Williams algorithm, transverse shear..

A functionally graded plate whose material properties, including Poisson's ratio, vary continuously through the thickness is modelled as an exactly equivalent plate composed of two isotropic layers. The integrations required to obtain the membrane, coupling and out-of-plane stiffness matrices are performed accurately using a series solution. The model is validated by comparison with well converged solutions from an approximate model in which the plate is divided into many isotropic layers. Undamped natural frequencies are found more accurately than by an approximate equivalent isotropic plate model, using both classical plate theory and first order shear deformation plate theory.

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