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ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 18
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping
Paper XV.2

A Different Approach to the Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings

T. Isakovic and M. Fischinger

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Full Bibliographic Reference for this paper
T. Isakovic, M. Fischinger, "A Different Approach to the Design of Reinforced Concrete Buildings", in B.H.V. Topping, (Editor), "Developments in Structural Engineering Computing", Civil-Comp Press, Edinburgh, UK, pp 403-408, 1993. doi:10.4203/ccp.18.15.2
Modern computer facilities have provided a different approach to the design of reinforced concrete buildings. The design of cross-sections can be represented graphically, with interaction diagram. The whole process is therefore quicker, clearer and more economical. Parallel to this different way of cross-section design, the typization of cross-sections and simple reinforcement optimization is also provided.

This different design approach has been applied to a prototype of an interactive program system for the design of a frame-wall reinforced concrete building. The different stages of the analysis and cross-section design, linked within the system, are described. The output of system components is organized in such a way that it call be directly included into the design document.

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