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Edited by: J.W. Bull
Chapter 2

Modelling the Seismic Behaviour of Industrial Masonry Chimneys

F.J. Pallarés1, S. Ivorra2, L. Pallarés1 and J.M. Adam1

1Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
2Universidad de Alicante, Spain

Full Bibliographic Reference for this chapter
F.J. Pallarés, S. Ivorra, L. Pallarés, J.M. Adam, "Modelling the Seismic Behaviour of Industrial Masonry Chimneys", in J.W. Bull, (Editor), "Computer Analysis and Design of Masonry Structures", Saxe-Coburg Publications, Stirlingshire, UK, Chapter 2, pp 31-54, 2017.
Keywords: accelerations, chimney, cracking, fibre-reinforced polymer, strengthening.

This chapter describes the numerical modelling of industrialmasonry chimneys where seismic forces are considered. A brief description and history of the chimneys is included as are the experimental results obtained from in-situ tests. These results are used to calibrate a numerical model employed to reproduce the seismic behaviour of an industrial masonry chimney according to a response spectrum. Material and structure modelling are explained and details about the seismic calculations provided. Finally, alternative strengthening arrangements using fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) are discussed and conclusions drawn.

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