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ISSN 1759-3158
Edited by: N.D. Lagaros, Y. Tsompanakis and M. Papadrakakis
Chapter 12

Seismic Evaluation of Building Envelope Systems and Some Innovative Designs

A.M. Memari

Department of Architectural Engineering, College of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, United States of America

Full Bibliographic Reference for this chapter
A.M. Memari, "Seismic Evaluation of Building Envelope Systems and Some Innovative Designs", in N.D. Lagaros, Y. Tsompanakis and M. Papadrakakis, (Editors), "New Trends in Seismic Design of Structures", Saxe-Coburg Publications, Stirlingshire, UK, Chapter 12, pp 363-398, 2015. doi:10.4203/csets.37.12
Keywords: building envelope, seismic performance, cladding panels, brick veneer, masonry infill wall, glass curtain wall.

Although building envelope systems are normally designed or specified as nonstructural components, not intended to take part in lateral load resistance, past earthquakes have shown that these components are vulnerable to damage. In this chapter, initially some of the different types of damage sustained by envelope components in past earthquakes are described. This is followed by an explanation of racking behaviour of cladding panels. Then an overview of some recent studies involving development of innovative solutions to mitigate seismic damage to building envelopes is presented. Finally, the chapter discusses building code seismic provisions and some design guidelines for building envelope systems.

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