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ISSN 1759-3158
Edited by: M. Papadrakakis, B.H.V. Topping
Chapter 14

Automatic Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Parallel Computing

C. Butenweg and G. Thierauf

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Essen, Germany

Full Bibliographic Reference for this chapter
C. Butenweg, G. Thierauf, "Automatic Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Parallel Computing", in M. Papadrakakis, B.H.V. Topping, (Editors), "Innovative Computational Methods for Structural Mechanics", Saxe-Coburg Publications, Stirlingshire, UK, Chapter 14, pp 305-318, 1999. doi:10.4203/csets.1.14
A concept for the analysis and optimal design of reinforced concrete structures is described. It is based on a nonlinear optimization algorithm and a finite element program for linear and nonlinear analysis of structures. With the aim of minimal cost design a two stage optimization using efficient gradient algorithm is developed. The optimization problems on global (structural) and local (crosssectional) level are formulated. A parallelization concept for solving the two stage optimization problem in minimal time is presented. Examples are included to illustrate the practical use and the effectively of the parallelization in the area of engineering design.

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