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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 58
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping and B. Kumar
Paper VIII.1

Pavement Performance Modelling: State of the Art

A. Ferreira, L. Picado-Santos and A. Antunes

Civil Engineering Department, Coimbra University, Portugal

Full Bibliographic Reference for this paper
A. Ferreira, L. Picado-Santos, A. Antunes, "Pavement Performance Modelling: State of the Art", in B.H.V. Topping, B. Kumar, (Editors), "Computer Techniques for Civil and Structural Engineering", Civil-Comp Press, Edinburgh, UK, pp 157-164, 1999. doi:10.4203/ccp.58.8.1
In this paper a presentation is made of the state-of-the-art of pavement performance models used in pavement management systems (or simply PMS). Pavement performance models are among the most important components of PMS within which optimal pavement maintenance plans can be established. Pavement performance models can be divided into deterministic and probabilistic, can also be classified into network or project-level, and can finally be classified as relative or absolute. Pavement performance models can be developed using the following techniques: regression analysis; Bayesian methodology; Markov process; nonhomogeneous Markov process; and semi-Markov process. A comparison between a large number of pavement performance models is made in the final part of the paper.

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