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Civil-Comp Proceedings
ISSN 1759-3433
CCP: 32
Edited by: B.H.V. Topping
Paper IX.4

Structural Analysis of Shells by the B-Spline Field Approximation Method

A.H. Vermeulen* and G.R. Heppler#

*Rogue Wave Software, Corvallis, USA
#Department of Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada

Full Bibliographic Reference for this paper
A.H. Vermeulen, G.R. Heppler, "Structural Analysis of Shells by the B-Spline Field Approximation Method", in B.H.V. Topping, (Editor), "Developments in Computational Techniques for Civil Engineering", Civil-Comp Press, Edinburgh, UK, pp 261-271, 1995. doi:10.4203/ccp.32.9.4
The B-spline field approximation method is used to construct discrete models of thick shells. The shell formulation is developed from first principles, using assumptions that are useful in this numerical context. The transverse shear strains, rather than the rotation variables, are used as independent variables for the purpose of discretization. Examples of the application of this formulation are presented.

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